ARPAsing VB Tutorial 201105

How to record and OTO an ARPAsing voicebank

  1. Renaming OTO parameter

    The pink "consonant" parameter is now called the fixed region, which correctly reflects the original Japanese name and its function in the OTO.
  2. Info about reclists without index.csv

    Users can choose to use a list with or without an index.csv. Tutorial now contains information on the differences.
  3. Info about VV and diphthong OTOs

    New OTO diagrams that explain how to handle vowel-vowel samples, and vowels such as [ey][ay][oy][ow][aw]
  4. Info about duplicate copies of diphones

    The tutorial now explains the purpose of keeping and numbering duplicated lines when generating an OTO, which is to distinguish slight differences in pronunciation based on context.
  5. Slight edits to folder setup

    It now directs readers to make a separate folder instead of using the downloaded folder. If mishaps ever occur with the OREMO-comment, the user will have a backup copy.
  6. Arpasing 0.2.0 update

    This tutorial now reflects the changes to the default reclist!
  7. Multipitch notes

    They were on the website, but I forgot to add them here as well.
  8. Default reclist edit

    Leading zeroes have been added to the default reclist, to ensure that the numbers are sorted properly. Without proper sorting, this has lead to some errors when the OTO was edited. Please update!!
  9. Detailed OTOing guide with diagrams

    I've edited the section on OTOing to add more detail on how to adjust it! I drew some simple diagrams, which will hopefully be easier to understand than screenshots. Real samples tend to look messy, y'know?
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