1. Yomi

    Looking for someone to oto NSFW voicebank

    Hello! I'm new here. Well I just got a ero voicebank recorded (it was inspired by Acme Iku) I don't know if I'm allowed to ask it here, but anyways.. I don't know how to oto the voicebank or at least make it sound good :/ Anyone with experience would be a great help! Please DM me if it's...
  2. T

    Looking for help making my voicebank sound better

    I'm trying to make my first CV voicebank and I have recorded all of the sounds, but when I try it out I get something that sounds like this. This is two "a" sung back to back, and I'm trying to get rid of the harshness on the beginning of the sound. I've tried oto-ing but maybe I'm just doing it...
  3. Dionysus Frost

    Looking for an Arabic CVC Oto (Looking to Commision it!)

    I am willing to pay for it! The bank is already recorded and is free to use commercially no license needed! You'll be credited on Lance's utau page! Here's what it will look like when ready. The password is "puppy". He will come with two outfits, one contains a modest hijabi outfit so if that...
  4. FelineWasteland

    Single Reclist oto.ini Salem's Japanese Reclists + Base OTOs

    CV RECLISTS Minimal CV 1.0 Contains the bare minimum samples needed for a Japanese CV voicebank Good for beginners, simple voicebanks, and testing purposes Kana and romaji 102 files Standard CV 1.0 Contains the basic samples needed for Japanese CV voicebanks, plus uncommon/foreign phonemes...
  5. UsoppFanGirl

    Need Help For a Jinriki VB

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a...
  6. neopronounz

    cv otoing question!

    so i have my very first utau, and im mostly done otoing him !! he enunciates properly now after i completely overhauled them and actually followed a tutorial, but i'm looking to clean them up a bit more!! he has a hard time transitioning between notes when they overlap and just kind of sounds...
  7. Leffolz

    OREMO Error during param

    Hello everyone! I'm a little new here (in terms of making an account and actually posting) so I apologize if this might be the wrong category to post! I'm a Japanese American so I have no problem with anything written in Japanese and or in English. I'm here writing this because I have trouble...
  8. Reelok

    Need help with OTOing 'long consonents'

    So this is my first VC voicebank and i really need help OTOing it ive binged god knows how many hours worth of tutorials on how to OTO ive managed to do short consonents really well, but long ones like 'shi' and 'tsu' and really just not it i tried to oto 'shi' but whenever i stretch the pink...
  9. GeneralNuisance

    How do I use the "Pick up minimum voices for UST file" feature in SetParam?

    I wanna test out a bank's tone by testing it with a UST I have, before deciding if I wanna complete the oto or re-record. How do I specify the UST that I want? I don't see any button to open up the file explorer and dig around.
  10. FluffyMawileFan

    Voicebank Settings Help!

    So, I'm currently working with Matsudappoine. However, I've run into a bit of a problem: she can't sing after a certain point (B3)! I decided to take a look in her files to see what was up. According to these files, her range can actually go to G3. But she wouldn't sing that low. I heard...
  11. chiisai

    Open Will draw / doodle for VCV oto (with base)

    I will draw in this style (link to art https://twitter.com/b1gheart/status/1331913754041339904?s=20) For your utau/oc/cover if you can help provide a VCV OTO for my one pitch utau. first come, first serve.
  12. GeneralNuisance

    SetParam won't save an oto or let me edit

    When I try to save, it gives me a "cannot create directory" error. I can't edit because while the oto.ini window functions properly, I cannot see the wave form or spectrum of the sound I want to oto.
  13. D

    Strange Alias Error

    So, I'm making my first VCV voicebank with this tutorial here: And basically, they gave a link for a copy and paste alias in the description of the video. After pasting it into the oto file, I opened the voicebank to edit the parameters and the aliases look like this: Here's a screenshot of...
  14. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues (strained sounds/silent notes for no particular reason)?

    Okay, so I'm making my first UTAU VB for public release - a multipitch VCV voicebank. After finishing the base pitch (C4), I decided to test it, noticed I was having issues with audio peaking (which reduces the audio quality), rerecorded and re-oto'd the appropriate samples, and then tested it...
  15. L

    Pitches without extra suffixes; do I have to manually add them in?

    Okay, I'm trying to add a second E4 pitch folder (part of a whisper append that I'm trying to add to the core voicebank) into a voicebank. The only problem is the E4 pitch that's currently in the voicebank doesn't have any special suffixes aliased in at the end, and neither does the append E4...
  16. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Open PayPal OTO Looking For 7 Mora VCV OTO Commission

    I've recently finished my new voicebank and i would like to have it oto'd. it's made with oremo by the way, 120 bpm recording.
  17. AnnYann

    How should I record end breaths in a VCV voicebank?

    Hi, everyone. I finally decided to start recording a VCV japanese voicebank. I am using this (https://sta.sh/025ksl2o0oub) reclist, but I don't know how I should record the end breaths (you know, the a_hh / e_hh / i_hh stuff). Thank you so much for reading, I would be really grateful for your help.
  18. emgy805

    VCV OTO template?

    Hey, does anyone know where I can grab an OTO template for VCV? I just want a clean-slate one with the syllables. Thanks in advance!
  19. Big_B

    How exactly I should oto my utau?

    Hello, Idk what exactly to do with preutturance and overlap values. I know that the overlap has the function to blend a note to the previous one, and I know that the preutturance stretche the note. But how I'm suposed to use these values? How should I use the preutturance? Why should I stretch...
  20. H

    UTAU wont work properly

    i have installed utau twice on two different computers and both times they improperly work. sure the issue could be regarded when i playaed around with the oto of voicebanks but the problem is fundemental, whenever i write a note, only 0,1 seconds of any note lenght plays an obscure sound of the...