OREMO Recording Package Insanity Basics reclist 200428

VCV Japanese: efficiency pushed to the extreme

  1. Kiyoteru
    This reclist comes from an old series of reclists I wrote years ago, called Insanity. The rest of that series has since been abandoned, as their methods are no longer relevant with the knowledge we have today. However, this particular reclist may still be useful.

    It covers every VCV for every Japanese syllable as efficiently as possible. No extras: no "fa fi fe fo" or "ti tu di du". To ensure that [- cv] samples occur only once for each syllable, strings can get quite long, up to 11 mora. The result is a 102 sample reclist.

    Included in this download are the reclist, an OREMO comment file, and a guideBGM. Please put the OREMO comment file in your voicebank folder in order to see the romaji transcription. The guideBGM is only available in C, however, there is a midi included, so it should be easy to change the pitch to whatever you need. Simply copy and paste the text file for any new BGMs you render.

    Being hiragana, it is friendly with OREMO's built in OTO generator. However, you may still have redundant aliases you want to get rid of. This tool can help.
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  1. FeatheredFinch
    Version: 2 I guess
    The best VCV reclist I have ever used, makes recording a breeze.