1. trinkhk
    "A Pretty Cool and Innovative VB"
    Pros - Oto is solid, readme is helpful and supportive, 69 mora VCV is really interesting to look into, essential extras are there, proncuniation sounds pretty good
    Cons - Vocal quality and tone a bit distorted
    Jay Sotto has a good design with a boyish voice. The 69 mora VCV is really facsinating to look at and it's organized in a clear manner! The formatting makes it easier for moresampler oto which is cool tbh.

    For using the VB, I was actually surprised by how smooth Viran's oto is and how it accounts for ending notes and breaths. It's a sufficient and capable voicebank and the readme helps with using it efficiently! The tone's a soft A3 which sounds nice above or below the range. Though since utau generally treats notes below a pitch badly I guess its expected that there's some distortion, but the soft and calm tone of the utau's still intact!
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    1. V5labendeo
      Thank you so much for the review!