Pros: - Consistent, pleasant tone even with high mod
- Choices between Power and Falsetto C5 expands genre choice
- Fun extras
Cons: - Some samples are accented
- Lacking some help/recommendations
Milk has a clean, professional presentation that's appealing when it comes to the design and website! The same professionalism is applied when it comes to the voicebank as well, although the readme only seems to have credits and TOS. Both are necessities to note, but it would've been nice to see what the bank offers (aliases and resamplers too!) besides looking inside the voice bank settings and trying different things out.

As for the voice, it sounded good! I liked the smooth tone and the C5 pitches! There are, however, some hard consonants like K and T that're pretty aspirated in some pitches. Essential extras like breaths and ending notes are also there and pretty easy to use!
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Aaa thank you so much for reviewing them!! I have recommended resamplers on their website, but explaining the extras/aliases completely escaped my mind-- I'll work on that!
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