• Western Name:
    Release Date:
    April 4th 2020
    5'2 ft
    150 lbs
    Pop music, hair accessories, action movies, cooking, friends
    Bullies, scary movies, seafood
    Phoebe is a young american college student who is secretly a magical girl. Her magic uses the power of music to instill hope in humanity and she fights monsters looking to destroy that. Her magical companion is an ethereal rabbit named Spice. She is headstrong and often jumps into situations without thought causing Spice to worry.
  • YouTube Sample:
    UTAU Manager:
    Em The Toaster/mystuffedpanda
    UTAU Voicer:
    Em The Toaster/mystuffedpanda
    File Encoding:
    Romanized Filenames
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    Her debut voicebank is a tripitch vcv bank recorded in C4, E4 and G#4.
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Terms of use
    Please do not use this bank for anything hate speech related.
    Please do not make this bank sing or wear anything religious.
    This bank only allows mild R-18 content with permission from the owner/voicer Em The Toaster.
    If you do not have permission, don’t post it.
    Please do not redistribute or edit this bank for any reason.
    Please do not use the official art of this bank outside of covers and originals.
    If you make anything with this bank let the voicer/owner Em The Toaster know!
    The character design is allowed to be modified for different songs and usages
    as long as you do not change their race or other things a person cannot do with a simple outfit change.
    Please don’t ship this bank with furloids or underage UTAU.

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