1. Lazarus512
  2. YukitoYuki
  3. olive
  4. ★StarsNeverStop★
  5. Scurumi
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    Toumei Mitsuko

    Profile picture is by Na-Nami
    Posted by: Scurumi, Mar 11, 2016 in category: Voicebanks
  6. comet3
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    Nui Kushami

    mild-mannered spacey alien who lost her way
    Posted by: comet3, May 18, 2015 in category: Voicebanks
  7. delphic
  8. Lystrialle
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    Kyou Hana

    Posted by: Lystrialle, Nov 4, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  9. comet3
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    modern and city-savvy girl with a love for pastries
    Posted by: comet3, Oct 27, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  10. McCloud
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    Arekkusu Okami

    Posted by: McCloud, Sep 11, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  11. Fawkesy
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    Posted by: Fawkesy, Sep 5, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  12. ryanlanuza18
  13. moonst4r
  14. Zoku
  15. Amzsie
  16. Scottei
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    He's pretentious, he plays video games, he's here to win.
    Posted by: Scottei, Sep 1, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  17. Roze
  18. IrisFlower
  19. RockloudHakaine
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    Sol Kogane

    I don't really have a back story for him now???
    Posted by: RockloudHakaine, Aug 31, 2014 in category: Voicebanks
  20. WendytheCreeper