1. Info-Chan

    Project X and Y - English HMM Duo by AIHISoftware

    From the team that brought you Piano, the high quality VCV Japanese UTAU, Project X and Y is here! "A magical journey awaits you from a land afar" Engine: SiVo Language: English X Tempo: 85-240 Logically Genre: Jazz Demo https://twitter.com/kemomimi_sabal/status/903768933664256000 Y...
  2. Sakura Yukaine

    Sakura Yukaine

    loves trees and has a dog called bubbles which she made purple. She hates it when people dont give her a chance and likes to eat sushi. Her weight and height are 10 more of the creators AS OF 10/08/17 She was original going to be called Yui Irone She was going to be the same age of the creator
  3. Luc

    Help--Can't Record Female Bank

    So to start out-- I sing with a low-ish voice. I am an Alto. I have only ever recorded male voicebanks. I'm trying to record a relatively strong female voicebank (at least just a normal strength) but my falsetto is too airy for what I want. I don't want to commission someone else's voice...
  4. Chiyo Tsukiyume

    Chiyo Tsukiyume

    Name: Chiyo Tsukiyume Age: 14 Gender: Female Species: Human(?) Personality: Chuunibyou who tries her best. Really clumsy.
  5. Samaki Fujine

    Samaki Fujine

    Basics Sex: Female Age: Undefined, but hinted to be an old teenager or young adult. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Original Release Date: April 14, 2016 Optimum Genre: Metal / Pop / Rock Character Item: Crown/Shortcake Species: Human Language: Japanese (English/Korean is a work in progress)...
  6. Keriko


  7. Akine Ootsuki

    Akine Ootsuki

    Voice provider: Sheba
  8. Info-Chan

    Collaboration Community Made UTAU!

    The old thread appears to be deleted, so I decided why not make a new one where it should be, UTAU news! Poll #1 - Decided a Japanese and English female Poll #2 is now officially closed! With this, the methods of recording that got the most votes where VCV for Japanese and VCCV for English...
  9. Eiko


  10. Iscabird

    Kii Nane Arpasing 0.1.0

    Best to not use this voicebank for anything commercial. Comes with an oto.ini, but users are free to edit it as much or as little as deemed necessary.
  11. rychu

    Hikui Kikoeru

  12. Julianne Winters

    Julianne Winters

    Birthday: May 9 Character Item(s): Needle and thread, tea bags Hair Color: Brown Eyecolor: Bright Green About: Julianne is a very old-fashioned girl; obedient and polite, prim and proper. She doesn't speak unless spoken to first, and even then speaks rather softly. While her usual hobby is...
  13. Sonoda Lucy

    Sonoda Lucy

    Lucy is a cheerful girl, who is constantly reading yaoi manga. Her catchphrase is: "Don't kiss a girl, KISS A BOY AND BE GAY!" The official artist of her is mallowkey.
  14. Lilith Namika

    Lilith Namika

  15. mallowkey

    Saisei Maigo ACT 3

    Voicebank Type: CV Voice Provider: mallowkey/ashleyterain Supports both Kana and Romaji Mostly meant to sing in Japanese. Trivia: Saisei sounds clearer compared to her ACT 2 version, and slightly higher pitched. To get her genderbend, set flags at g+15
  16. Saisei Maigo

    Saisei Maigo

    (Originally called Sais, she was renamed to Saisei due to Kanji/Hiragana problems. Putting her whole name together, it can mean either "Rebirth Lost" or "Lost Rebirth/Reincarnation" (depending if you read her surname or given name first).) PERSONALITY Saisei rarely speaks to others, making her...
  17. Kin Kaneko

    Kin Kaneko

    Please visit her wiki 2.0 page for updated flags and voicebank downloads! Official Full Body Art by itporl
  18. Kurai Tenshine

    Kurai Tenshine

  19. Binkker

    Kohaku Yama Premium

    First Name: Kohaku Last Name: Yama Gender: Female Age: 14 Height: 5ft Weight: 105 lbs Birthday: October 1st Relationship: Moto Akimo (My bae) Likes: Soda, belts, bottle caps, rock music, popcorn Personality: Kohaku is tomboyish and experimental. She loves to try new things even if no one else...
  20. Galatea Laitselec

    Galatea Laitselec

    Galatea was born to a neglectful mother. At age 14 she met her paternal half sister Cipe- a princess from an alternate dimension known as Emos Nital Drow, who was sent to find Galatea and explain that the two are sisters and that Galatea is a princess. Sounds like a convoluted soap opera plot...