1. Iscabird

    Kii Nane English 1.0

    Kii Nane ENG was recorded with one of Delta's CVVC reclists and is encoded as such. UST note lyric editing may be needed if using her with premade USTs. =Usage Tips= Kii was recorded with the intention of having an Australian accent. As such: - the lyric "r" should only stress in the start of...
  2. Eli


    ELI is a monopitch CV voicebank recorded in 2012. Before a name change she was previously known as 外国音ELI (Gaikokune Eli)
  3. Lychee


    Name: Lychee Name pronunciation: [l ay ch iy] (pronounced as ライチ in Japanese) Alternative Chinese name: 荔枝 (Pinyin: Lìzhī) Animal: Fox and she’s also an alien that comes from planet g85-907zF Gender: Female Age: 9 537 012 468, about 5 in human age Birthday: 8 March 2015 Height: 123cm Weight...
  4. Kii Nane

    Kii Nane

    *flips over a skateboard*
  5. Sylveranty


    http://utau.wiki/utau:onyx by xShadowxXIII:
  6. Toumei Mitsuko

    Toumei Mitsuko

    Profile picture is by Na-Nami
  7. Yura Sashoune

    Yura Sashoune

  8. Sylveranty

    Onyx CVC Multilingual Tripitch 1.0

    .rar download size: 662 MB. Actual voicebank size: 1.35 GB Tripitch Multilingual CVC Voicebank Pitches: A3, D4, G4 The D4 pitch has additional recordings. The Japanese pitches are the main pitches of her Japanese voicebank. Onyx has specific recordings for German, French, English and Japanese...
  9. Sylveranty

    Onyx CVC Japanese Multipitch 1.0

    Multipitch Japanese CVC Voicebank Encoded: Hiragana only Main Pitches: A3, D4, G4 Additional Pitches: G3, B3 aka "S", A4 aka "F" G3 has a more forced tone, B3 and A4 are softer. .txt file to use for Delta's autocvvc plugin is included. Ending breaths are "a_hh", "e_hh", "i_hh", "o_hh", "u_hh"...
  10. Dae-dae

    I will draw UTAU sketches or VB/beta art :)

    Picking up from my last post related to this (May close earlier) : "All you have to do is fill out this little forum please I need you to be specific. (copy and past it to you're post.) (EXAMPLE) UTAU : (give me a link to you're UTAU) Reason why: (official art for VB,cover/video art,ect.)...
  11. Hana Asane

    Hana Asane

    While simultaneously being extremely rude, cheeky and very sarcastic, Hana maintains an ironic lax and elegant composure. She enjoys teasing others using weak points but fails to remain calm and composed when and if this happens to her. She's all talk no bite but has a serious cussing problem...
  12. M

    Raspberry*Monster (ラズベリー*モンスター)【Kumone Jakuon SOLAR Demo】

    UST by Mirlunne I've been working on a new VCV voice bank for Jaku for the last two months or so since she's in need of an update. Whenever I looks at her MFPS bank now I can barely stand it, haha. So I got a new microphone and set out on making the best voicebank I have made to date. This...
  13. R-poid


    Item: A blue iphone and headphones that she uses to keep calm Favorite food: Curry macaroni Friends: Kiyoloid, vinny, shai, it Idols: Electrolysis (utau by steel) R Poid is a self-utau that is made by wretchedkalamity, at the moment they are considered a teenager who is posessed by a demon...
  14. MintyR


    She has such a lovely voice!!! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
  15. Kumone Jakuon

    Kumone Jakuon

    Jaku's first impression is that of a usually quiet and kind, gentle woman. Her true colors are actually a lot tougher than she lets on, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty when she has to. She takes shit from no one, and if she feels you've wronged her in some way, she'll make sure to...
  16. Nui Kushami

    Nui Kushami

    mild-mannered spacey alien who lost her way
  17. Dae-dae

    Can you BETA test my UTAU?

    Can you try out and critique my mostly finished UTAU for testing? (And if possible send me samples?) Here is the link to my UTAU "Jade Axis": https://mega.co.nz/#!fA8lUDyS!fclvlz4Dzrv5tfNUEr0sIkSE5N8JtkzVmglTtxMroqg Thank you for you're assistance! :uhuhu:
  18. Eclaire


    modern and city-savvy girl with a love for pastries
  19. Kitcat190

    Voicebank Al!ce.16

    Alice Himora~ submitted a new Showcase Item: 【al!ce.16】 Read more about this showcase item here...
  20. Saki