1. Anutsu Gloom

    Anutsu Gloom

    [PERSONALITY] Anutsu can easily be described as a cute, charismatic, & bubbly young lady with big dreams. Sometimes, her ambitions can get ahead of her, but otherwise, she has a fairly realistic world view and works hard towards her goals. Even though she's rather word smart, she can have...
  2. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Hoshikuzu Official Design

    Here is Yuzuko's official design! For those who follow me on BiliBili and Weibo, I did censored it but that censored version is not official. The reference sheet is currently in the making so do look forward to it! Also, beta sign ups end in 14 days!
  3. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【25 UTAU + 1 SynthV】VOCALOID Bossa Nova Medley 【Cover】

    I really excited when it came out and I not think again to immediately make this cover. It took a long time to find UTAU that fits this song but all the effort has been paid. there are still shortcomings in this cover but I really like the results. I hope you like it... Video Audio UTAU &...
  4. Mira Tsutsuma

    Mira Tsutsuma

    Mira is generally a very cheerful android and doesn't mind anybody. She hardly gets angry or frustrated, and is often constantly yawning because of her poor sleeping habits and the grogginess she gets from her narcolepsy. Due to faulty wiring, she constantly falls asleep, even when singing. Link...
  5. Honeybee


    Her favorite food is milksteak and her hobbies incude magnets.
  6. Fresa Dulce

    Fresa Dulce

    Fresa is a bubbly idol with a love for sweets. She was born In Palma de Mallorca and ever since she was a young girl, she dreamt of becoming a singer. As she grew, her mother tried to make her wish come true by tutoring her in all music styles, these reasons are why she decided to continue...
  7. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko CVVC Pack -GhostDust-

    This a test of a 9 pitched CVVC VB to be included in a CVVC pack called -GhostDust-. The following expressions will be included: Natural, Cute, Sweet, Dusk, Mellow, DustWhisper, Cold(Tension), Power,Soft and Whisper with each expression containing 9 pitches. (A total of 90 pitches in all) The...
  8. Cloverloid


    Here is my blatantly obvious self insert! Sorry for the pencil sketch artwork, I'm too tired to draw her digitally. Fun facts about Cloverloid: -She's gay -She's sensitive to prolonged sun exposure -She cries easily
  9. Kaiyo


    Kaiyo's voice is most applicable to rock, jazz, and similar modern genres. Her sound is mature, low, and sultry. She's a tough-as-nails, butch rugby player with a weakness for cute girls. Raised by a homophobic family, she vented her frustration through singing. This is one of my first utaus, so...
  10. 27


    HISTORY: 27 was created collaboratively by Treyson Wier, Creative Prince, and Creative Prince's little sister, who was originally going to be the voice provider for 27. 27 is the little sister-android of 23 Vanadium. She's not significantly younger than 23, but she is a lot more mature. Her...
  11. 24


    History: 24 is the newest of the Row 4 Project's characters. She was created in early 2017, but was not revealed until August 2017. She has a voice similar to 23, but it's a little bit more mom-like. 24 is basically the mom-droid of the group. She's always prepared for any situation and can be...
  12. 23


    History: 23 is the second of the Row 4 Project's characters to be created. She was originally designed in early 2015 by CreativePrince on deviantart and tumblr. Her design has changed quite a lot, but her voice is the same. 23 is an android built to look like a young adult. She was built for...
  13. Mei-Saime

    Critique Requested Yuzuko Type Alpha Test

    This is a test of Yuzuko's Type-Alpha VB. Please note that this has a moresampler oto for the sake of the test. I'm making this VB to improve the quality over her last one.
  14. Kokonose Miko

    Kokonose Miko

    Miko is a young shrine maiden who takes her job very seriously. She can sometimes come off as snobby or rude but that's only because she is very passionate about her work as a shrine maiden. In her freetime she enjoys hanging out with friends and going out to let off some steam from a hard day...
  15. M

    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15 2018-02-28

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.
  16. M

    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.
  17. Kyūketsu Rei

    Kyūketsu Rei

    Rei is a lazy and apathetic vampire turned in the late 1800s. She spends months at a time asleep in her castle, only waking up when hungry. When she gets a taste for blood she becomes cruel, hyperactive, and playful.
  18. Stormy Ōkioto

    Stormy Ōkioto

    Stormy is a species known as a sky elemental. While her elemental age is 43, it's really equivalent to a 14.3 year old human, which is what she resembles. (Her human age is a third of her elemental age.) Everywhere she goes she's followed by small clouds that hover around her. She can't really...
  19. Mei-Saime

    Hoshine Yuzuko Redesign

    Yuzuko gets a redesign cause I though her April 2017 art didn't do her justice! The second one includes the Azure Voice logo as well! If you plan to make cover songs or art you can use this updated Yuzuko design!
  20. Trei


    Trei acts as an older sibling to the rest of Team Shizun, despite her not being the oldest, and she usually works to take care of them. She usually works with Rei to bring together all of their outfits for their song covers and designs. Her and Kuota have a crush on each other , thought they do...