1. Roze

    Yuumei Ekiguchi ~ SOFT APPEND ~ Japanese CV V.1

    This is Yuumei Ekiguchi's Japanese CV Voicebank. It comes with multiple breath sounds and extra sounds for smoother English in most songs. Optimum resampler for Yuumei is fresamp. Depending on the song, consonant velocity is suggested between the range of 100-150. BRE50 should also be used to...
  2. Iscabird

    Fuyu Komoriuta vcv

    - 5mora full vcv - singular pitch - freq. avg: 393.8 Hz (G4) - logical range: A#3 ~ F#5 - suitable for pop or techno songs
  3. IrisFlower

    Iris Libra Japanese CV 3.3

    This is Iris Libra's Japanese CV voicebank. It comes with four breath sounds and end breath sounds. This is a contralto bank with an optimum range of E3 - B4. The optimum resampler for Iris is fresamp with the F1 flag.
  4. Ami Taiyo

    Ami Taiyo

    Ami Taiyo is a happy-go-lucky girl who likes to laugh and put a smile on others faces. Being clumsy and a bit of a "blonde", she can easily wander off and get lost. She has a big fear of lightning, so being anywhere near it put her in a very frightened state. She likes and tries to become...
  5. Iris Libra

    Iris Libra

    A very optimistic and cheerful young woman, Iris is more often than not seen with a smile on her face. She enjoys gardening and being out in the sunshine. Although she does understand there are consequences to everything, Iris does her absolute best to remain optimistic and can get annoyed when...
  6. Trilli


    Name Meaning: derived from "trill":"a musical ornament consisting of a rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, usually a semitone or tone apart"(Wikipedia) Birthday: 5/25 Species: Extraterrestial Personality: Cold, depressed, melancholy Occupation: Princess
  7. Mimi Yorune

    Mimi Yorune

    Birthday: February 23rd Race: Witch Personality: Mimi is a playful girl who likes to confuse people for fun. She may come off as an airhead, but she is actually pretty clever. However, she also tends to be prideful at times, but she will always be there to help those who are dear to her. She...