1. ZaneChihuahua

    Voicebank ZaneChihuahua

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  2. ZaneChihuahua


    UTAUloid/ANIMALoid/FURloid info: ZaneChihuahua is a 3-year-old (21 in dog years) male Chihuahua from Arizona, United States, and has a black coat. His official release date and birthday is December 25, 2021. I don't really consider Zane as a Furloid since he's not really a "Fursona" per se...
  3. K04eKaNa

    Voicebank Akano Kuma

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  4. K04eKaNa

    Akano Kuma

  5. LaightBub

    Voicebank Nehito Ketsu

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  6. LaightBub

    Nehito Ketsu

    Nehito- or Nay for short, was the first utau that I was ever recorded and I never actually have a chance to like share him publicly anywhere. So I'll put him here____ IDK HOW TO PUT THE PIC IN HERE SO YOU CAN JUST VIEW IT IN THE FOLDER "xPICTURESx" IN THE DOWNLOAD LINK
  7. AzoSBear

    [UTAU Original + Human Vocal] My Name is Maria

    Song by AzoSBear Vocals: Azo Sorabara [English VCCV] AZO-BA [Derivative English VCCV] Iso Kyobara [Derivative English VCCV] Maria (Vo. AzoSBear) Lyrics: (Iso Kyobara) I must purge this illness from this [UNIVERSE] Marked by the rose I must achieve The completion of my purpose (Maria) Who...
  8. AzoSBear

    【UTAU Cover】Mushi-p - Will 【Azo Sorabara_GummiBear】(Feat. AzoSBear)

    UST by Fevernight123 Vocals: VB used: 空薔薇アゾ_GummyBear (Azo Sorabara_GummyBear) [Japanese VCV] Derivative: AZO-BA Human Voices: AzoSBear

    Voicebank Kitsune Nari [Deleted]

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  10. Twinkle


    TWINKLE is Kira Usagine's stage name. He's a very flamboyant and wild rabbit. He's a people pleaser. While not being straight, he still likes to flirt with female fans to see them smile.
  11. dionn1993

    Zannon Koitsu (custom Bank ) 2020 V1.1

    Info found here: http://utau.wiki/utau:zannon-koitsu
  12. B

    Recommendations for furloids.

    Hey everyone. I wanna find some furloids to try out. So if you know of any good ones please let me know and leave me link to where I can find them and their terms of use.
  13. M

    Any soprano FURloids?

    I was wondering if there were any FURloids out there with a soprano and/or mezzo-soprano voice type. Is anyone aware of any?
  14. dionn1993

    Voicebank Zannon Koitsu Vcv And Vccv Act 2 Voicebanks Download

    dionn1993 submitted a new Showcase Item: Zannon Koitsu Voicebanks Download Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. dionn1993

    WIP My wip utau demo

    This is just testing out my latest wip English Utau bank. Currently, I only have 1081 vocal options to use. With, 467 strung samples. I'm currently updating him to have more cvc and vc samples . So far this is how his english sounds. Singing the Pokemon XY Kiseki theme- (sorry I mixed it with...
  16. dionn1993

    Self introduction

    Hi, my name is Dionn , But, I preffer to be called Sota which is short for my project name Sotamusara . Which translates roughly to sky by sky. I mainly work on english utau covers. That I rework from Japanese / english vsqx files. I usually work on highly detailed physics and rigs for mmd...
  17. Lulu Utatane

    Lulu Utatane

  18. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    はるきイチロー [Ichiro Haruki] ~VCV~ 1.0

    Here you guys go!
  19. Ichiro Haruki (はるきイチロー)

    Ichiro Haruki (はるきイチロー)

    I Don't Really Know what To ut Here but Ichiro's a nice guy, he would protect the ones he love at all costs. He's friendly and open for friends. He has a secret crush on Kasane Teto. Yet Defoko already sknows because she reads Ichiro's diary =w= Transparent Image For PV Usage