1. Shadowespio

    How do I add breaths with hiragana?

    I genuinely cannot figure out how to add breaths. Do I need to use - or do I need to type in a specific character? I'm just so lost because I don't know if there are like prerecorded breath sounds in voicebanks as well. If so, how would I add them?
  2. Marcos Cejas

    UST True my Heart 2020-11-10

    Song: True My Heart (ave;new feat. Saori Sakura). Hello boys. I was almost forgetting that I had an account on this site... I leave you an ust that I did about 7 or 8 months ago. I hope you like it! Bye...
  3. Pixelody Chiptune

    Help! My Utau that i made does not work

    My UTAU that i made only sings on some notes but ignores most of them. I've recorded a whole hiragana reclist and it doesn't work. Please help me!
  4. Edgeberry

    Romaji Japanese CVVC Reclist?

    There's a 5-Mora CVVC reclist by Delta but I cannot record effectively due to my limited knowledge of Hiragana (surprising considering I've been in the UTAU community for 6+ years). Does anyone have a translated version of it readily available? There's a 2-Mora but I'm used to recording 5-Mora...
  5. ToikiCookie

    Halp me plez

    IDK why but my romaji to hiragana plugin isn't working. I've been watching tutorials nonstop and I still don't know what to do! Someone help me ;-;
  6. Shirayuna

    difference between hiragana and romaji reclist?

    Does it make a difference if I use a hiragana vcv reclist instead of a romaji vcv reclist (with hiragana alias)? I have always recorded my "tests-voicebanks" with a romaji vcv reclist, because I still can not read all signs from hiragana.
  7. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    Do you know a tool to help working with japanese vcv banks?

    Hi, I'm posting this question because I want to make some songs using Ritsu vcv and some other JP vbs, but since my keyboard is azerty, it's a bit of a pain to do it (even the japanese mode of the keyboard in reality sets the keyboard to qwerty so the keys don't even correspond to their...
  8. Ebbiki Aishuu

    Ebbiki Aishuu

    A nature-lover and a greenthumb, yet will drop everything to tend to her friends--especially of the animal kind!
  9. Ibi Aku

    Ibi Aku

    Ibi Aku is a boy who doesn't feel empathy, emotes heavily, has panic attacks, and has a tendency to become obsessed and stalk people. He often tries to do magic, but fails as he has no clue where to start. He likes to pretend that he's the grim reaper, but gets upset when his power trip is...
  10. Kasane Teto and Defoko

    Help with UTAU

    I'm new to UTAU, and i followed some tutorials. i still have trouble with the plugin romaji to hiragana. can anyone help please? it show an error message sometimes. it never shows sound though. i'm using defoko. does it have anything to do with file location?:holy:
  11. M

    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.
  12. Yua (nanatsuki) Oogami

    Yua (nanatsuki) Oogami

    PERSONALITY Yua has quite the complex personality, being quite eccentric, adaptable and yet easily bored. She is a cheerful girl who loves to tease and do anything to fill her curiosity, sometimes being quite forceful, though she always gets away with it since she is a smooth talker. Looks and...
  13. Edgeberry

    Why do we use Hiragana for UTAU?

    So, I've wondered why this is since I was around 12-13 years old, when I was first introduced to VOCALOID and UTAU. There are alternate forms of writing in Japanese, such as Katakana or Kanji, and I have yet to see a bank encoded in that form. Well, I know of Soune Taya (? I think I spelled...
  14. Ryata Maxum

    Ryata Maxum

    PROFILE Described as very shy and introverted. He is lazy too, his favorite pastimes consist of napping and eating large meals. RYATA is a half vampire-half human hybrid who is ashamed of his vampirism. Because of this, he hides his ears and fangs out of fear of being mocked. He also rarely...
  15. YukitoYuki

    How to make sure that VB that is encoded in hiragana on Mac works in Win?

    Ok, those who don't know: I have Mac computer only (MacBook Pro, 2015 model in latest OS) I started creating own VB in 2013 autumn and my first VB back then was CV VB in hiragana (あ.wav か.wav and so on) and was zipped with Mac build in "compress". When I released that VB for a public, dozens...
  16. TheEternalChild7

    Is it possible to manually make VCV USTs?

    Sorry for the noobish question, but I just started trying to get into VCV, and I get the concept, but is it even possible to create hiragana VCV USTs manually? Because when I try to copy/paste hiragana characters into the notes, they just appear as question marks. And my locale is set to...
  17. melodicake

    Kana Voicebank not loading into UTAU

    Hello. I've had a weird problem with UTAU that has been going on for a while. When I try to load in a kana encoded voicebank (sometimes it isn't kana encoded) into the bank registry window, no sounds appear in the sound folders. Furthermore, Japanese characters appear in an awkward font on UTAU...
  18. Lynny246

    UTAU won't create FRQ file {Solved}

    I finally decided to do a VCV VB but after recording and configuring in oremo and setparam, UTAU won't create frq files. When I try with romaji voicebanks it works fine and it seems to work for defoko's hiragane cv but for vcv it doesn't work. Any ideas for a fix? (P.S. even when i don't use...
  19. Madam Meisaki

    Hiya, Im new here haha-

    Dont mind my awkwardness --- Im just slightly shy (*´ω`*) Im kind of new to Utau -- but I know how to make decent CV Utaus. Oh! Another thing! I know this is a common problem, so if anyone needs me to convert a VCV ust to CV, just ask! I can do it really fast! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ I can also do CV to VCV --...
  20. SOHBlue

    5 Newb Questions

    Hello, there! I've been on this site about a week now after just starting to work with UTAU and have learned a lot from this helpful community. I really do appreciate it and hope I haven't annoyed anybody too much. Rather than ask five questions in the chat box like my other individual questions...