1. morei

    oremo error - couldnt open [file location[

    so i was half way through recording my VCV voicebank and now i just...cant continue. an error poped up all of the sudden and i dont know why, i didnt close or touch a thing- just going through each recording like normal. this: it seems to say it cant open the recording folder location (where...
  2. Leon Suzuki FR VCCV

    I need some help plz!!!

    I'm just searching someone who have a German CVC Reclist If yes, put me the oto.ini and the reclist
  3. Kei-T

    Japanese 7-mora CVVC reclist loads incorrectly?

    I initially asked about this issue in the Chatbox, but I thought it would be better if I posted a thread. I'm trying to load this reclist into Oremo, but for some reason, it turns into this weird mess of mojibake: This has never happened to me before. My computer's locale is set to Japanese...
  4. Lunailegends

    Help with Recording in Oremo

    Ah, hi, I am working on recording my cv bank, but I don't know which guidebgm to use for a 100 and 120bpm recording. The default one doesn't seem to work 'cause when I open it in UTAU it says the recordings are too long so I need one that is for 100bpm and 120bpm for a cv bank of the default...
  5. Erwan

    An utau is better recorded in 7 MORA or 5 MORA ?

    Heloooo My question is in the title x3 I want to make my own utau with Oremo but i don't know which way to record, 7 Mora ? 5 Mora ? 5 mora LITE ?
  6. Miawerz

    Arpasing Question + weird oremo glitch (?) +extra questions

    So i was going to record a new arpasing bank (already done 3) but since weird stuff happened when i recorded the last one i decided to ask some questions and help ..... so i was thinking, *is the old n-gram coverage totally unnecessary? Well, if so then there's no need to record them but for the...
  7. Kiyoteru

    OREMO Recording Package Insanity Basics reclist 210530

    This is a VCV Japanese reclist that covers every essential combination as efficiently as possible. There are no extra syllables, and no unnecessary repeats. Download Contents Standard Regular version of Insanity Basics insanity basics reclist.txt Recording list, for reading manually or loading...
  8. Kiyoteru

    OREMO Recording Package ARPAsing Reclist Directory

    ARPAsing reclists featured in this directory are a full setup that includes reclist, index.csv file, and OREMO comment file. They may stand alone, or be addons to an existing ARPAsing reclist. To submit your reclist to this directory, please fill out this form. Alternatively, you may submit...
  9. mallowkey

    A bunch of OREMO questions

    Okay so uh, first question: For some reason I can't run oremo on english. it gives me this error. note that i have the most recent version downloaded. (it does work however when i switch the locale to japanese for some reason. if it helps, i run windows 10) second: when i record, even with...
  10. Kiyoteru

    English OREMO for macOS 2.0 b110812 p1 (UF200428)

    This version of OREMO is the latest Mac native version. The Japanese app came from the official release page here. https://ja.osdn.net/users/nwp8861/pf/OREMO/wiki/FrontPage If you open the app and the file paths for the reclist, folder, etc. are extremely long and look messed up, it's because...
  11. S

    Oremo BGM Play Error

    I've never had an issue using Oremo's bgm feature before this... It will play if I click the first play button, but if I click the test play button I get this error. It works fine when I use the sample BGM it came with, but if I switch to another one, it just does this. I've tried closing...
  12. Hue

    Best way to make new UTAUs?

    I really want more UTAUs for myself, but they all sound the same since it's just me! I use Oremo :sing: Help would be amazing
  13. S

    oto.ini issue? {FIXED}

    I recorded this with OREMO using a 7 mora reclist that came with an oto.ini base file. After recording, I put that oto file into the folder of the UTAU I just made, and opened the voicebank in UTAU to try and mess around and fix what needed to be fixed. But apparently all the aliases are now...
  14. Lynny246

    UTAU won't create FRQ file {Solved}

    I finally decided to do a VCV VB but after recording and configuring in oremo and setparam, UTAU won't create frq files. When I try with romaji voicebanks it works fine and it seems to work for defoko's hiragane cv but for vcv it doesn't work. Any ideas for a fix? (P.S. even when i don't use...
  15. PianoVeg

    Oremo issues

    Ok so I can not get OREMO to work. It keeps having the error (that i've seen frequently with others) about the missing bracket. I ran OREMO as administrator and troubleshot the program. I changed my font settings not to hide the fonts from other languages and I also downloaded it a couple times...
  16. Katiana Sakuta

    OREMO issues

    I've tried changing my locale, changing the language of my computer, I've restarted fifty times, re-downloaded the file, tried 2.0 and 3.0, changed my font settings, everything I could think of. But I'm still getting the message: --------------------------- Error in startup script...
  17. CarrotBunz


    I was wondering if anyone knows what to use for a pitch guide since Oremo can't play both pitch and guide BGM at once. ;;
  18. heta-tan

    OREMO and SetParam Error

    I recently got a new computer that runs on Windows 10. I just got all my program installed and I downloaded both Oremo 3.0 English and SetParam 3.0 English. I tried to open them but both of them gave me errors (which I included the screenshots for below) OREMO error: http://prntscr.com/aez69j...
  19. B

    OREMO is broken?

    okay so this happened. Fonts are not hidden This is a Japanese computer. All the locales and stuffs are in Japanese. I am running win 8 on this PC Vocaloid4 works fine? UTAU itself runs perfect. OREMO was working before OTZ
  20. Anonymous62034

    Is OREMO's included VCV reclist good/more efficient than the QUROE reclist?

    I was just wondering, since it seems like it's shorter, and contains the same sounds. I would like to use the shortest yet fullest reclist possible (as long as it doesn't miss any of the basic sounds, that's a must) since I'm pretty short on time... If anyone knows, could you tell me? Thanks :)...