Oremo crashes everytime I try to record a note!


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I recorded 45 notes the other day and when I went back on to re-record, it crashed every time I did it
I change the input setting everytime to all the options I could MANY times. I even restarted my computer, any clue what I should do?
I’m using Windows 10 and apple earbuds plugged in
Here are the options for both input and output (though I never change the output but if itll make it work say so):

-Mic in at front panel (black) (win multimedia)
-Microphone (Realtek (high defini win multimedia)
-primary sound capture driver direct sound
-Mike in at front black (realtek high definition audio) (direct sound)
-microphone (realtek high definition audio) (direct sound)

- Speaker/headphone (realtek high (win multimedia)
- Primary Sound Driver (Direct Sound)
-Speaker/Headphone (Realtek High Definition Audio) (Direct Sound)

Thank you!


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Double check that your locale (not language, location, clock, region, etc. just LOCALE) is set to Japanese.
Make sure you're using the latest official version of OREMO, from here: https://osdn.net/users/nwp8861/pf/OREMO/files/
OREMO itself can be located outside of Program Files, and the destination folder can also be set somewhere outside of Program Files.


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Ayo I can't be technical in my answer like Kiyoteru but this happens to me all the time at random with my locale correctly set. Usually fixes after a hard reset of my PC.
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