1. aniforce

    My new original song (Shin'en no Hashi ni/On the Edge of the Abyss)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    Hello guys, Let me share with you my new work. It is in melodic metal genre. I hope you like it!
  2. Ant

    [UTAU Original] Halloween Magic [Kikyuune Aiko]

    Hiya! Finished up this track and wanted to share it in time for Halloween. Let me know what you think. - Ant
  3. aniforce

    My Original Song (ft. Vocaloid IA) - Endless Sky

    Hi again, let me share my new original song. Vocaloid IA. Rock style composition. I hope you enjoy it ^_^
  4. Avalia-Kasa

    Looking for new mods on an original song tumblr

    Hi everyone, if you've been here for a while and like original songs, you might have heard of overseas-utau-originals on Tumblr. That was a thing I made lmao -- (queue press f to pay respects joke) Problem is, it's basically dead now even though I'd like it not to be. I have only like... half...
  5. Cocoa

    【Defoko】Life's Cards【UTAU English Original】

  6. Anh Duy

    【Kasane Teto ENG】 Ready 【UTAU Original】

    【Kasane Teto ENG】 Ready 【UTAU Original】 SC: Nico: GET THIS SONG FOR FREE ON BANDCAMP!! https://anhduynguyen.bandcamp.com/track/kasane-teto-eng-ready-utau-original-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my UTAU original called...
  7. Mougeki Mero

    Album 2018-Inanimated UTAU Album Release (10 Year UTAU anniversary): Not Living But Singing

    Hello! My friend and producer, AkiP, made a compilation album made of Original UTAU songs using Inanimated and Instrument UTAU banks! The album will be sold at the Minna no UTA event at Japan, but a digital version will be sold later. It contains 18 original compositions, of different genres...

    I need help with lyrics for an original song!

    so I made a song and I need some help with the lyrics ...cuz I just don't have the power to write lyrics for this song . If you want to help me with this GO ahead and I'll send it to you trough a private message. And i'll also will send some further information about the song. SO IF YOU WANT...
  9. Sylveranty

    [German Original] A Cup of Happiness [Shinshiya]

    Shinshiya voiced by Cinzya UST/Tuning: Sylveranty Mixing: dotkrawl Everything else: Satinengel
  10. Chasing Constellations

    Inactive PayPal Music Aki's 5$ song only comissions :)

    Hello! I'm Aki, from Chasing Constellations! I just wanted to spread the word that I updated my song commissions to cost $5 now! I hope you are interested in my work! Email me at ChasingConstellationsMusic@gmail.com, leave a reply on this thread, or send me a note on deviant art if you are...
  11. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. KLAD Aparsing] Friends [UTAU Original]

    My first original. https://twitter.com/Vo_Xil/status/945361186282987521 "To befriend or to be loved..." Yeah, my first original. *pops confetti* "Friends" is a song that I helped create when 'Project Merleloid' was still active. This song was originally meant to be sung by RUBY but due to...
  12. ChiaAkiyama

    Chia-P - Winter Medley, Vol. 1 (Orchestra/Piano)

    Chia-P - Winter Medley, Vol. 1 (2017) - http://spoti.fi/2Bb9m7E So 2017 has rolled by, with various monthly originals being released monthly... This December, I welcome you to hear my latest release, Winter Medley, Vol. 1! It comes in two flavors, Orchestra and Piano. This original medley...
  13. Anh Duy

    【MAIKA】Tricked for Treats【Vocaloid Original】

    【MAIKA】Tricked for Treats【Vocaloid Original】 A WORK BY UHP This is my Vocaloid Original called Tricked for Treats , sung by MAIKA BEST WITH EARPHONES ! BEHOLD THE POWER OF TEAMWORK! Anyway, hope you guys like it but if you do why not give it a like or slap dat stupid red subscribe...
  14. Dangosan

    [UTAU ORIGINAL]Cheesy groove

    A remake of one of my earlier originals. It was annoying to endure UTAU's crashes on my notebook. USTs and off vocal EDIT: PV is done! .blend data: Hana Aiko+Fuusene Neko Teto LYRICS: I tag @MystSaphyr, @Lystrialle and @Yozane
  15. Dangosan

    UST Cheesy Groove 2017-10-30

    This file contains: Edited USTs; Base USTs; The song itself; The off-vocal; And the .mmpz file for LMMS.
  16. ChiaAkiyama

    Inactive Offering PayPal Lyrics Mixing Music Other Chia-P is Accepting Music Commissions!

    Chia-P is open for music commissions! I offer a variety of musical services including audio mixing, original composition, original production, Vocaloid tuning or human pitch correction and more (if you need other work done, present me what you need and I'll return a quote)! I've recently added 2...
  17. ChiaAkiyama

    【V4X】Chia-P - Wasting Away ft. 鏡音リン

    An original Vocaloid song by Chia-P! The beautiful message of a golden-haired girl, confessing to a particular golden-haired boy. Of course, sunshine, their hearts and their hair are all depicted as "golden". Get lyrics and free MP3s via http://mp3-ads.chia-p.com VocaDB...
  18. delphic

    【VOCALOID Fukase】In the French Way【Original Song】

    Hello! As you may know, I've bought Fukase around 4 weeks ago and I've done an Original Song using his voicebank! Also I've made a new channel that I will just use to post Original Songs, so my producer name is now Seagull-P! I hope you like it!
  19. Chasing Constellations

    [VOCALOID Originial] The Cognate Love - Chasing Constellations [Avanna]

    Hey guys, sorry for my absence, I've been really busy with school. I just wanted to let you know that Chasing Constellations has just released a new song titled, The Cognate "Love". If you could go give it a listen and maybe give us some feed back that would be great! Thank you for your time...
  20. Mougeki Mero

    How does this sound? (Short original song attempt)

    So, I was feeling down cause of life things, and to distract myself from all the shit that happened since yesterday, I tried making an original song for UTAUs Ryuko Blair and Dill...Well, I'd like to know if this sounds good for a short song? Beware I intend to refine and use other...