1. PrinceofHades

    The Dreams and You ft Adis

    Yes, I finally finished another original. College was kicking my ass, and I finally managed to get this done. Mostly thanks to my friend @xseerx since he did the art and video for me! He's amazing. <3 Here's the video: Thank you for your time! ^^
  2. Mimo-kun

    【UTAU Original】BROKEN【Ken Shippai】DEMO PREVIEW

    Hello!:D So.. this isn't the full song yet but I will update this post when it's done hehe. BUT FOR NOW I HAVE A DEMO PREVIEW:D So please give me your opinions on the song so far and things I could maybe change if you would like :wink:
  3. Mimo-kun


    Hey there! So I just found out you could place UTAU originals here so.. I will share mine here than if that's alright. I hope you will enjoy it! The song CAPTURED is about a boy who's getting insane by a voice he keeps hearing in his head. Bad thoughts, bad memories, bad ideas. He thinks he's...
  4. VocAddict

    Friends WIP

    "Friends" is a song that I helped create when I was part of 'Project Merleloid'. This song was originally meant to be sung by RUBY but due to circumstances, the singer had to be changed. Enjoy this short clip. The full song should be out soon. ============= Music: Usami Lyrics: Rayvern...
  5. Anh Duy

    【Kagamine Rin ENG】I'll Be Back Home【Vocaloid Original】

    【Kagamine Rin ENG】I'll Be Back Home【Vocaloid Original】 ----> Link to the video: If you want to translate this video to your language, go here to help me out:3 http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=V6-xGZW_4i8&ref=share YOU LIKE IT? BUY IT NOW TO SUPPORT ME! Bandcamp: This is my Vocaloid...
  6. Kiyoteru

    UST ARPAsing UST Directory 201105

    This is a directory of ARPAsing USTs for tests, covers, and original songs. To submit your UST to this directory, please fill out this form. Alternatively, you may submit your UST by replying to the discussion thread with the following information for the type of UST. Test UST Creator name...
  7. Mougeki Mero

    Closed Art Other Yoshimaya's Art Raffle

    For those who don't know, Yoshimaya is the person who drew both of my UTAUs, Mougeki Mero and Ryuko Blair. She is hosting a raflle right now which will have its results announced Feb. 18, she is drawing OCs of people. Here are her rules, I will leave the full page link below: *Prizes ・1st...
  8. Anh Duy

    【Hatsune Miku, Yamine Renri】Cat's Story【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku, Yamine Renri】Cat's Story【Original】 If you want to translated this video to your language, go here to help me out :3 http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=V6-xGZW_4i8&ref=share YOU LIKED IT? BUY IT NOW TO SUPPORT ME ! BandCamp: This is my third UTAU and Vocaloid original...
  9. Anh Duy


    【Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto】Only One【Original】 YOU LIKED IT? BUY IT NOW TO SUPPORT ME ! BandCamp: This is my second UTAU and Vocaloid Original called Only One by Anh Duy(me), POPit, sung by Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto Well the first original song was a disaster, nobody cared about it so I made...
  10. yuzukimasu

    【Sonata】 stellar 【Original Song】

    A song I wrote last year for The Light Current, now remastered with brand new everything. Tuning by the amazing MystSaphyr. Hope you guys like it! There is also a human-sung version on my own channel:
  11. ChiaAkiyama

    Hypothetical Love (ft. Yohioloid)

    If you'd like to make a cover, please visit my Patreon for a free FLP download and information about the free VSTs I used to create this track! You do not have to pledge to get the FLP! https://patreon.com/Chia_P Upvote this track on VocaDB! https://vocadb.net/S/143128 Previous track: -- I...
  12. ChiaAkiyama

    Feel the Same ft. YOHIOloid [Original]

    Here's the link to listen! Enjoy. Thanks for checking out this thread, there's more to come! Definitely follow me on Soundcloud if you liked it, as there will only be tuning improvements as time goes on. Lyrics are right here: Sometimes I wonder why The reason good times always pass me by But...
  13. Anh Duy

    New UTAU English Original Released!

    Hey guys !!!! This is a greatday :3 Me, for the first time has released a full self-made Original song in my life ! Except the art, art was drown by aikopinku Here is the song !: 【UTAU Original English】Enduring 【AL!CE.16 English VCCV】 My Website: http://duyanh11092002.wixsite.com/anhduyutau...
  14. Zephyr10101

    Looking for Engloids Tuners

    I have an original song nearly finished but i need the help and/or advice of an tuner that's well versed in using english Vocaloids. If interested hmu
  15. fiver

    Can someone make a PV for my original?

    aight i know this sounds like a mammoth task. anyway here's the tea: i have drawn art for my most recent song that one actually. and i'd really love a pv to try and attract people on youtube. it doesn't have to be complicated: this is pretty close to what i want (i'm sorry i don't know how...
  16. fiver

    【Mona Minarai】Dear Universe 【UTAU ORIGINAL】

    hello everyone! so i finally decided to release my utau original! yay! ~about the song~ in 2015, i had a pretty tough year in high school. someone who i once thought was one of my best friends completely turned on me and made my life a living hell. i was bullied, and generally things just...
  17. Satinengel

    (Miku & Fukase) Violinenhall [German Vocaloid Original]

    So, my friend Mika Sediar and me finished our second original song! It's a german song and I've spent four days to create the music video with all illustrations and stuff, so I hope that you like it! It is sung by Hatsune Miku, Fukase sings the harmonies. You can listen to it here on YouTube...
  18. S

    【Project Sonata】Terms of Love【Original】 + UST

    -------------------------------- Song: Terms of Love Music: Expus https://twitter.com/TheExpus Lyrics: kamika + abb berry https://twitter.com/mikakkun https://twitter.com/_inessentia PV + Art: kamika UST + tuning: half a head https://twitter.com/half_a_head_zoe Vocals: Sonata UST +...
  19. Anh Duy

    Love Teto, wanna hear nice Teto covers ?

    Hi I am Anh Duy and I use Teto very well, I make her sound less robotic and less annoying, I can use her VB very well, here is some examples that you can look at - Fairytale - All Teto appends - Goodbye - Teto English - Bad Romance - Teto English + Sakebi + VCV - Song of the Eared Robot -...
  20. Chasing Constellations

    [Vocaloid Original] Come Clean [Chasing Constellations ft. Kagamine Len English]

    Here is our very first Kagamine Len English song, Come Clean. Enjoy!