1. Rayven-Merleloid

    Project Merleloid Help!

    Hello, my name is Jade. i write the lyrics for Merleloid. we are going to post in about a week our ORIGINAL song (friends?) but we need some help. things we need -an Artist we need a person the can cover off my sketches and make A BEAUTIFUL masterpiece for music video's - a translator we don't...
  2. Ronnie <UniverseJuice>

    Road Trip Album Art Speed Paint

    I created the album art for @LunarConstruct 's new original song; Road Trip. Finished Album Art^ Song by itself^
  3. Lazarus512

    Orginal/Remixes/Remaster Music Request Commissions!~

    Hi! Jamez here! I'm opening a new commission thread for those who would like to commission a song either for their UTAU or for themselves. - I can do original songs (just as long as it's English or if you have Japanese Romaji lyrics with you I can work with that) whether it's the backing track...
  4. Lazarus512

    PV Animation/Art request (I'll pay XD)

    (Yay! My first thread) I was wondering if anyone here is skilled with fast animation? or just quick bulk arts for a UTAU PV purpose. Of course expect me to pay! (Is Paypal okay?) It includes sword fighting and lots of crying (Don't take it the wrong way :blink:). Who's game? I don't really...
  5. N.Zo

    [VOCALOID Original] Broken Screens [Ft. DEX]

    I've been working on a song for about two and a half days now, and since it's about heartbreak and betrayal, what better day could I have posted this!:shades: I had the wonderful @AkiGlancy allow me to use her art. This is my second original song, so I hope you all enjoy!:creepy: Lyrics: I...
  6. M

    【UTAU Original】Alstroemeria【Iris Libra - Miles Gunner - Kumone Keishi】

    Once again, thank you to Purin (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBshTlhilsvl-qBweuLQgjQ) for helping with the tuning! Download MP3/Off vocal/USTs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/455yz5ttc9xt4g9/Alstroemeria.zip

    Creating a Youtube channel for Utau originals

    Now I know there are probably tons of these already in existence, but I'm working on a Youtube channel that will be specifically for Utau originals, with an emphasis on English (if any english songs roll in that is). The way it would work is you would just submit your song to me and I'd upload...
  8. KagamiPagami

    【Denzu Silvery】SAND【UTAU Original】+UST

    opinions please!!
  9. PanTran

    【UTAU ORIGINAL】 Song of Struggle 【Ruko Yokune ♂ WHISPER】

    So, my first UTAU original! You don't even wanna know how long this took! PV, instrumental, UST, Tuning, HOLY- well, you can read some more about it in the video description! Thanks for listening! (PS I would LOVE if people made covers! I've even supplied the UST!)
  10. JVウタウ

    [VOCALOID ORIGINAL] Metropolitan Irony - JVウタウ ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) MIKU EXPO CONTEST ENTRY

    VISIT WEBSITE: jvutau.wix.com/index#!metropolitan-irony/ze8qa Metropolitan Irony Vocals by 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) Music and Lyrics by JVウタウ Tuning by Aika Anno
  11. Kanjo~

    Requesting art for original song

    Oops, I posted to the wrong thread earlier (and I can't delete for some reason) Anyways, I'm looking for art for an original song near completion. there are a few standards for this art The Utau singing is Mimi Yorune The setting is Greece during the reign of Caesar, and Mimi is representing...
  12. WretchedKalamity

    Critique my experimental original?

    this thing sorta happened via midis in studio one I guess... can I get an opinion on this? Improving is what I want to get so yeah
  13. fukokun

    Bay's Original Song - WIP

    I haven't figured out the lyrics, but I know I want to do a lot of vaporwave/80's synth music from now on... Here is my latest work in progress (no voice yet, no lyrics.)
  14. melobuniiP

    A WIP new original!

  15. PanTran

    Need Help Making UST For Original Song

    I am terrible at making USTs by ear, and that's a problem when I want to create an original song. It's really painful because I have the melody all planned out, and I know how I want it to sound, but I just can't translate that onto a UST. Is anybody willing to "Transcribe" a wav file I made of...
  16. LupinAKAFlashTH

    [Juni Ginkuro METRO + RURAL] Metropolis [English UTAU Original]

    Music, lyrics, tuning: nostraightanswer / Kenji-B Vocal: Juni Ginkuro METRO (吟黒ジュニ METRO) + RURAL (吟黒ジュニ RURAL) VCCV configuration and initial UST config: PaintedCz (@paintedcz) Additional help: Zurui-san (@zeldafreak1312) Procured by Sange (@drunksanjuu) (Image uses Orahi's Shiva-Style Juni...
  17. Xuu


    Composition & Arrangement - コーヒー先生 JpQ Lyrics - コーヒー先生 JpQ/雨降リィ Mixing & Mastering - Kevinlyspirit Tuning - 雨降リィ 心華 Render - xiao寒 https://www.youtube.com/kevinlyspirit https://www.youtube.com/jedipallq https://www.youtube.com/theskyisrainy INSTRUMENTAL Download Link LYRICS 北风吹着它的脸裳...
  18. Baka94

    [Original] Blue Fox, Red Fox (ft. Beat Okamine, Uchuu & SPIKE)

    Used Beat Okamine, Uchuu and SPIKE for the choir parts in this song. The choirs don't have any meaning, I just put in what sounded fitting. This song is made in similar theme that was used in TRI: Of Friendship and Madness.
  19. Anonymous62034

    Art for my original song for use of your UTAU?

    Hello everyone, I have a request! I'm pretty bad at drawing, and even worse at coloring my pencil drawings, so I have a pretty big favor... Could someone draw some art for my original song? My only requirement is that there must be some kind of bird in it, like a raven or something. It should...
  20. WendytheCreeper

    Four-part Chorale

    Is chorale the right word for it? Key of A minor, SATB. Short, sweet, to the point. Trilli Ruko Ritsu Onigumo