1. Nitrecint

    Copy / Paste Pitch Curve Problem.

    Every time I use the Copy / Paste pitch curve plugin, it always says "Fail to find clipboard data." Anyway to fix this?
  2. underscoredotpng

    How to use the VSPitch plugin for UTAU

    Here in my (first) resource, I'll try to make a tutorial on how to use the VSPitch for UTAU -First of all, what do I need? You need a UST from your song of choice (obviously), an acapella from your song/UST of choice, and the instrumentals from your song (to use if you want to cover the song...
  3. MaximusVolk

    Trying to find this plugin

    I remember once having this plug-in for UTAU that allowed you to set flags on all notes and the intensity is based on what key the note is set. For example, Mt flag becomes stronger the higher the note and weaker the lowest of the note. If this rings a bell, please tell me.
  4. Jiafei69


    I really want to make a gender UTAU plugin but I don't know how to make a exe file. Who wants to help me?
  5. gauzyguts

    Does anyone know of a "Find and Replace Lyrics" Plugin?

    I'd really like a plugin where you can mass-replace certain lyrics. I'm working with a ust where all the rests are "X"s and i'd love to not have to replace them all manually... if there's a way to do this i'd love to know about it. thanks!
  6. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Arpasing To VCCV Plugin?

    I saw there is a VCCV to Arpasing plugin but i need exactly the opposite thing. I'd be glad if anyone has something for this situation.
  7. Printto

    PRINTmov Tuning Helper Plugin v1.01

    This plugin can be used to save a lot of time in the tuning process. It may not tune perfectly, but you can use it as a guideline or use it for plug-and-play USTs. Features: - Full tuning: Tunes pitch-bending from its full potential (ready for plug-and-play). - Basic tuning: Tunes...
  8. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Must-Have Plugins/Resamplers? (Beginner)

    What are some must-have plugins for an utau user who is a complete beginner (in general)? Though if you want be specific I only have lyric diphonizer plugin for Ritsu and nothing but Moresampler resampler for Maiko. If you suggest more addons or better alternatives please let me know. Thank you!
  9. Heruchuu

    Mine Laru's ResamplerOverWriter

    Hello! I saw this a while back and was very intrigued by the plugin. The plugin is similair to Vocaloid's XSY. In this case it enables the user to switch from any Mine Laru VB in one ust only by using a flag. This was neat and I was surprised noone talked about this yet lmao. There's a guide to...
  10. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    VOCALOID5 Plugin development template

    I have made a template project to help developers interested into developing VOCALOID5 plugins, I made it by making sure to write a clean and commented code as well as showing how to do the most used types of actions in order to make it easy to start getting into development, even for beginners...
  11. Joestar Panda

    Pitch Editor plugin not showing

    Ok, so, since i buyed something for having two screens, my pitch editor plugin does not show, it appears down my screen, where the icons are, (sorry im hispanic idk how is it called) but the window does not appear, ¿any thoughts on this issue?, ¿any ideas for making it work? :sad: 1618188390 ok...
  12. GeneralNuisance

    Errors when trying to use pitrace

    I was trying to edit a UST when this happened. I am running UTAU on a Japanese locale, I have restarted my PC, checked that it is up to date and I have reinstalled the plugin. Can someone please let me know WHY it is doing this and HOW I can fix it? I basically rely on pittrace to tune.
  13. WorkFan208

    Problem with pitch plugin

    I'm new in utau... Or not so new. I'm working with pitch plug-in for... 3 month maybe. And I don't know wat is this... I reinstalled, but still same problem. What Can I Do !?
  14. Laerot

    Pitch Editor "Access Violation" Error

    Hello everybody! I'm completely new to Utau and am working on my first UST. Everything has been going smoothly, but 75% of the way through my UST the pitch editor just stops working. If anyone could please read this and help me (I want to provide as much detail as possible!) Here's my process...
  15. London Kei UATU

    view all note lengths

    is there a way to see the note length for every note without looking at the pitch for every note individually? like an in program setting or plugin? thanks
  16. angelcypher

    auto tuner plug in ? something like vocalistener

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anybody knows of any plug ins for auto tuning your utau's voice? I just found out about vocalistener which allows you to input a vocals track that it then automatically writes into notes and pitches in the program, and was curious if there was anything similar...
  17. E.Bear

    Presamp help

    First time posting here, so hi lmao I've tried to download and install presamp. I've followed the install instructions, and I've downloaded the Chinese setlist (I'm trying to use it for Xia Yao Yu) but it just gives me a black screen with writing (I can't get a picture) and says failed to...
  18. nirow

    pitch editor,,, notes and lyrics won't show

    Hey there, the title actually says everything.. i've re-installed UTAU and the pitch editor ( i fixed a problem before that when there was just something like ""120,00" is not a valid floating point value", something like that.. it worked) But then i got the next problem- when i open up the...
  19. leticia.l

    namine ritsu kire voicebank but kana to romaji?!?!?!

    i have a problem. a lready changed the locale to japan/japanese, and installed utau. i also downloaded the ritsu's kire voicebank, but all that shows is the symbols. i can't just rename all the alias, so i would like some plugin that could help me, but that's my first time using utau and i...
  20. YumeChan

    CV to VCCV plugin or how to make an english VCCV?

    Hello everyone! Back here with another question. So, I'll make this as short as I can. I haven't worked too much with english VBs yet and find the USTing process for english VCCV a lot harder than for japanese VCV. I can make it in CV, but I'd really like it to be smooth, so I rather would use...