1. Seadust

    I want to create a VOICEROID-UTAU like VocalSynth...But I'd need help!

    Hello! I'm Seadust! I'm new here and I have a big project in mind.. I desire to create a freeware program that let's you make a Talkloid ! I have plans to add inotations like VOICEROID too and maybe a possible detailed inotation editor where you can get the exact flocculation you want. Also...
  2. Edgeberry

    Open NEED UTAU for My Favorite VOCALOID Song Medley!!

    Want me to use your utau? Just fill out the form here! Limit is 2 of your own voicebanks.
  3. Choko

    Open Project MAHOUloid [STILL OPEN]

    Greetings everyone! The Project MAHOUloid created by idol on May 30 2016 is still open for new members but for artists, editors also. Any help is appreciated. ^^ For more information, here is the old post thread:
  4. Lolitau

    UTAU Idol Project sign up!

    So, guys. Sorry I haven't been active on here lately! :cry: I recently decided to make a UTAU Idol project where you can basically make your own UTAU, and it will be part of the idol project officially. There is a sign up forum below that you can use! (P.S, I'd prefer if you made a new one, but...
  5. Rice Life


    scandalous songs ah scandalous songs, although i guess you can still consider me a noob i am No pro at Utau i may not be able to make great voicebanks as of now i don't even have a proper or functional mic sometimes i don't even use it as it is dysfunctional, but i am a Brilliant song writer...
  6. firehazardutau

    English Vocalist for UTAU Project

    Hello, i want to start a project for an English UTAUloid with a Rock like Male voice. his name well be "RONIE" (being named after BIG-AL's prototype name) and all i need is a voice provider, i need someone who can sing at a good range and have a good microphone set up area. and i also need...
  7. Sors

    UTAU VN: Details

    After proposing my Idea for a Visual Novel based on utaus, I decided to let you in on the details of the project itself, and what exactly is needed! Also, the VN can include OC's as well, however UTAUs will be preffered. STORY DETAILS: There is not a fixed story so far, instead, it will be an...
  8. Sors

    [CLOSED!] Original Song Group Project!

    Hey guys, today, some lyrics came into my mind. However, I'm no composer, and could neither make an illustration for a song, let alone a pv. So why not form a group? We would all benefit of it, as there would be equal parts to do. I myself would be the lyrics writer, as I can't really compose...
  9. midone

    Looking for voices for upcoming fanime

    So, i am working on a fanime called "Suteki Neko Edge-Chan", a purposefully bad/joke fanime about a dark edgy girl having adventures at a school while also having to fight enemies at times using the power of a shard necklace allowing her to grow cat ears and get special powers. Sounds...
  10. Animé Fan

    Project XOTA

    In response to an old forum I made back when I was still new, I've decided to start up this thread for any XOTA-related projects. For those who are unfamiliar, the XOTA units or XOTAloids are a group of UTAU modeled after the "shonen" or "young boy" concept. Each unit represents certain themes...
  11. ParanoidKitsune

    New Project: CHROMATIC

    Hello everyone! So back in August I released a android UTAU named ESEN. She was made due to the sorrow of my Yeti microphone breaking, and I recorded her using the defualt microphone on my laptop. Afterwards, I added a chorus-like effect to the voicebank as a means to show that she was a...
  12. Zephyr10101

    The GLaDOS Project

    Hiya, I'm looking for anyone who'd like to assist me in making an english utau of GLaDOS from Portal. What I'd need help with specifically is finding the specific samples for each line for the individual folders. I have all her voiced lines here:
  13. Baseble

    Kowase Kowase (feat. Hakone Shima) [UTAU Cover]

    Also known as Break It, Break It! (originally by E.L.V.N) This is my second cover using a PV from Future Tone. What do you think of the lyrics and song? I got the video from a friend, but I added in the lyrics, because I wanted the 3 kinds of lyrics up at once, and Future Tone doesn't do that.
  14. ★StarsNeverStop★

    Assistance With an UTAU Project

    So I need a bit of assistance due to Sony Vegas having been messing with my quality of my videos. I need some help in working on PVs for 20 Days of Trina and her Demo Reel. I need 2 people to help me with Mixing covers and 2 people to help with editing PVs and 1 person who is really good (and...
  15. ★StarsNeverStop★

    The Mac Division - BETA Idea

    So some of you may know my 2 mac styled UTAU, Apple and Macine. I decided to bring them back into the loop, along with having new joint custody Mac Styled UTAU. The Mac Division UTAU will be free since the voice actors will not be me. I'm going to hold "Auditions" for anyone who would like to...
  16. Haruna-Chan

    Project update Future EX Studio

    Has already been defined 3/2 designer of UTAUs and already are ready! (partly grafica). Still not found providers for the two utaus yet. We solved the problem of the voice of Leciano. If you want to be provider of the voice of one of the UTAUs contact the following Skype: Skype: Sonia.anima165...
  17. Haruna-Chan

    Project UTAU Future EX Studios

    Hello I'm here to support the project of the Future EX Studios and also ask for some aid. Well what is the project? The FxS project is to create 3 Utaus (among them 1 man and 2 women), namely a couple of teenagers of 16 years and a child of 10 12 years. They can speak and sing in to 4...
  18. Haruna-Chan

    Could someone help me?

    Hello, I'm starting to make a resampler for UTAU, but don't know how to start and what tools to use (so far I've only seen the C/C++ programming language and the only programs that use is currently the codeBlocks, falcon C++ and notepad ++), could someone help me or guide with my project? If you...
  19. Kale


    We need: Artists, lyric writers, PV makers, and UST makers. What do we do? We create a battle between VOCALOID, UTAU, and other singing synthisizers to see which we can make sound more human. IMPORTANT INFORMATION The founders of this project are: KuronoMusic (KaylaTheOtaku), lemobird, and...
  20. ❤️Li Chen❤️

    3DS Project Mirai FC exchange

    So I would love to see everyone Mirai Cards and listen to your custom tune I would also love to see your VOCALOID come an visit mines ^^ Also seeing your dance would be cute, So would anyone exchange 3ds friend code with me for Projet Mirai? Thatnks ^^ My fc is 5472-8767-9907 My Vocaloid Partner...