1. HulderBulder

    OREMO Recording Package Norwegian reclist + oto base 1.0

    The list is based of Cz English VCCV and AuraAutumnus Swedish VCCV list structure. You have to use Cz's guide BGM for oremo to use the base oto settings. This list is made with the thought of the user understanding Norwegian (bokmål) and it's pronounciation. I have removed and added different...
  2. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish VCV 2.01 β

    Edit2: Due to new reclist version, the information below is slightly outdated. The information will be updated as soon as possible!!! Edit: I forgot to mention in file's readme than @ mark in my recording list mean "any vowel sound". Yes, any! Any vowel sound! This recording pack includes: -...
  3. K

    Single Reclist English VCV reclist 2016-10-23

    notes: because windows is a bitch, i replaced a few vowel sounds with different symbols/numbers. you can change this in the oto. A = 4 E = + I = 7 O = ! x is not included. Made for American English. *VCV strings include CV, you'll have to oto the CV in manually. The purpose of the CCV list...
  4. Sylveranty

    Serbian Reclist Test

    I'll just post this with the SC description here :D Original song: Tears For Fears Serbian Lyrics: VoiceV4 ========== Ispred sebe vidim njeno lice, njene oči njenu kosu Njene sjene oko mene idu Ja se tresem Ja se gubim Za njene suze ja sam kriva nisam smjela nisam htjela Sakrij moju tugu sad...
  5. notsoul_elli

    VCV-VC English

    So I thought I'd shed some light on this project I've been working, technically for a few years. If anybody knows me at all, all of five people maybe, you might have heard that I've been attempting my own bootleg English list. Originally intended to be 100% VCV. Now that I know for sure that it...
  6. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Single Reclist Korean Reclist + Pronunciation Guide

    I've been slowly (emphasis on slow) working on my next bank which will be multi-pitch, multi-append Korean and decided to share the fruits of my labor with the community - the reclist. Hopefully anyone who uses this finds it to be comprehensive, useful, and a good update to Syo's list from 2012...
  7. Haruna-Chan

    Single Reclist Bell Ritsu JPN & ESP RecList [VCV-CVVC] 1.0

    My first RecList public ! AVISO: Esta Rec List é considerada extensa e é recomendada para usuario mais experientes. Esta Rec List foi criada para cobrir completamente os idiomas: Espanhol e Japones, mais pode ser usada também para o Portugues Brasileiro. Ela é dividida em 6 Partes sendo elas...
  8. kávézó

    VCCV/CVVC/CV Reclist Generator

    I made this on a whim as an assignment for an algorithms class last year, and promptly forgot about it until I dug it out last week. I ended up fixing it up and adding a GUI. A little demo: Download here. Source code here. Disclaimer: PLEASE EDIT the reclists after generation...they're...
  9. InochiPM

    OREMO Recording Package 命PM CVVC Japanese List 1.2

    ■ About This is a CVVC Reclist for UTAU. It was compiled from various CVVC voicebanks, Since most CVVC lists are hard to find or are a little dificult to record or without oto's so i decided to generate a CVVC ust from the many voicebanks floating around. This list is a mix of the Eve...
  10. lunavi

    Single Reclist English VCV Expansion Reclist 1.1

    This is an English VCV expansion reclist, intended for creating English-language expansion libraries for existing Japanese-language VCV voicebanks. This reclist uses standard Japanese-language vowels, so English pronunciation will not be 100% flawless, but it can greatly improve the clarity with...
  11. Haruna-Chan

    Could someone recommend me a RecList

    I intend to Update my utau, but I don't know what rec list you use, so I came here to ask you for me to decide. Language: Japanese Format: Romaji Style: VCV Phonemes extras (optional) If anyone also has any tips for recording accepted and thank you. Here also a sample of the Utau that I...
  12. Zurui

    Working on a Custom VCCV Japanese Reclist?

    Hello, everyone! As you might know, I had released my personal CVVCV Japanese reclist a while back, which gotten some fairly good reviews initially. Since it's release, I've been working on an upgrade to it which allows full fluidity between CV, VCV, and CVVC inputs, allowing for complete and...
  13. Sylveranty

    [German UTAU] Digimon - Leb deinen Traum [Onyx] + UST

    Original singer: Kouji Wada Original titel: Butterfly Original German singer: Frank Schindel UST base: Yume伟 UST adaption to German: Sylveranty Onyx Artwork: Yume伟 UST DL: Onyx WIP VB DL...
  14. lunavi

    Reclist Construction Methods

    I’ve been working on Ichigo’s ACT2, or more getting my crap together to record it. In doing so, I’ve been working on a few mildly customized reclists, during which I had a thought. I don’t know about anyone else, but some consonant strings give me toungue cramps when I try to do them back to...
  15. idol

    Looking for other-language reclists!

    I'm mostly looking for korean and chinese reclists but i'd love to also work with spanish! I mostly just wanna see which reclists you guys reccomend!
  16. P

    A message to you.

    I wanted to thank all of you, so I took some time to write this.... I hope you'll all keep up your hard work.
  17. JAY

    English Voicebank Discussion / Reclist Opinions?

    Damn Jay, back at it again with the shitty forum threads... Anyway hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on different English UTAU styles and your thoughts on UTAU English overall! That being said, this is my thought on UTAU English. I personally am not a huge fan of voice synth...
  18. Ronnie <UniverseJuice>

    【UTAUカバー】1 4 3 (I Love You) +UST【Ronnie K ft. Trina Korean CVVC】

    Originally Performed by: Henry Art: Me UST: Me Ronnie: Voiced and owned by me Trina: Voiced and owned by StarsNeverStop The UST was made using my Korean CVVC reclist, which can be found HERE MP3:
  19. S

    best reclist?

    I was curious, I'm interested in exploring other languages in UTAU and was wondering what the current best reclists for Spanish, French, Chinese and German are? I've just seen so many different ones floating around and some are CVVC, VCCV (?), etc, and wasn't sure which is best to go off of...
  20. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Single Reclist No Nonsense Japanese VCV

    This @reclist is optimized for the Japanese language. This is intended to be thought of as an improvement over Ritsu or Ruko's lists which include... redundancy uncommon/largely unused sounds inflexibility This reclist eliminates all redundancy, unnecessary sounds, and is easy to edit to one's...