1. Melomad

    Single Reclist [Petit Mot] French CVVC 2018-11-07

    Petit Mot is the smaller version of Gros Mot. It is a CVVC reclist which allows you to record a French voicebank quickly ; Perfect for people who want to try French without sacrificing hours of work! Here are some stats about Petit Mot: is 40 samples long. has 560 oto entries. has a base oto...
  2. ryanlanuza18

    【Ryan Moriyama Voice+ -PH-】Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig (In the Name of Love) 【UTAU Cover】

    Hello there! its been a while! I have released my Filipino reclist! if you want to try it, the link is on the description :D
  3. Jamie_is

    Greek reclist?

    So does anyone have any good rec lists for the Greek language. Randomlanguageiknow
  4. 0210005

    VCV-VCV type reclist

    I do know this is stupid, but I have made a VCV-VCV or as I like to call it the CV-VCV voicebank reclist, its long but more comfortable to oto than the normal VCV, someone probably has already made something like this but so far I've not seen anything like this so I'll just post it anyways *its...
  5. Yanderu

    OREMO Recording Package Help Recording CV, VCV, CVVC

    Single Sound Source (CV) The basics, CV. A basic CV reclist should contain all necessary sounds plus some extras that enhance the voicebank. The links below this are to CV reclists. The first link sends you to a Japanese page if you are on Chrome have it translate the site into your language...
  6. Hatsumiii

    Reclist help

    Can someone tell me if this reclist is reliable? _ああいあうあ _いいういえい _ううえうおう _ええおえあえ _おおあおいお _んあんいんう _んえんおんん _かかきかくか _ききくきけき _くくけくこく _けけこけかけ _ここかこきこ _んかんきんく _んけんこんせ _きゃきゃききゃきゅきゃ _きききゅききぇき _きゅきゅきぇきゅきょきゅ _きぇきぇきょきぇきゃきぇ _きょきょきゃきょききょ _んきゃんきんきゅ _んきぇんきょんそ _ささすぃさすさ _すぃすぃすすぃせすぃ _すすせすそす _せせそせさせ _そそさそすぃそ...
  7. Hatsumiii

    VCV Reclist help? (Japanese)

    Hey so I have 2 reclists. A 5 mora with 188? (I think) samples and a 6 mora with 193 samples. (Will add extras) The 5 mora list is put together of two other 5 mora lists, the problem is I need someone to tell me if these are efficient enough/how many more samples I would need I have the standard...
  8. ytc person thing

    26 String cvvc reclist WIP

    Hi again! i've been working on something i wanna share with you guy's. this is a fully capable Japanese cvvc bank, recorded with 26 samples. it takes about 4 minutes to record a pitch. it'll come with a base oto , pronunciation guide & some add- on's. its still being tested, if anyone...
  9. Melomad

    OREMO Recording Package [Gros Mot] French VCV-VC

    Gros Mot is the bigger version of Petit Mot. This reclist offers VCV with CVVC elements to allow your UTAU to sing smoothly and easily in French. Warning, Gros Mot is not beginner friendly due to its size ; If you are interested in French but you don't want to handle such a heavy workload, I...
  10. Rice Life

    How can i prevent whistling sound i Relisted twice and it's still there

    months ago i recorded, a list for a voice-bank, it was less bad than the one i currently have because i rerecorded a new list, the first time, i got a borderline feminine quiet voice-bank,which sounded more robotic and 100% good on pronunciation, second time i achieved a male voice bank which...
  11. PanTran

    Where can I find a 12-mora reclist?

    Yes, I'm insane. But I'm also an idiot who is willing to sacrifice their throat just to save time. Anyways, I need a link to a VCV 12-mora reclist, preferably hiragana but that obviously doesn't matter. I hope it actually exists! Thanks!! :)
  12. FiftiesYoungin

    Single Reclist Youngin Stringed Cv List

    I decided to make my very own custom reclist, I wanted it to be easy and fast to record and be beginner friendly Reclist info guide : sample number : 25 syllable count : 3-6 oremo compatible romaji...
  13. na4a4a

    Single Reclist μCVVC Japanese

    μCVVC (microCVVC) is the smallest fully functioning CVVC list. Unlike other lists that remove digraphs (kya, gyo, etc) which makes banks harder to use, μCVVC actually removes starting CV. This allows optimization in a way that creates a very tiny list without removing any important sounds. As...
  14. kimchi-tan

    Chinese reclists

    I've been wanting to record a Chinese vb for a long time now but idk what reclists are available especially since I have no idea where they even are OTL I definitely am not looking for VCV reclists since I heard it's hell. I prefer reclists with less samples even if it means a lot of syllables.
  15. Leon Suzuki FR VCCV

    I need some help plz!!!

    I'm just searching someone who have a German CVC Reclist If yes, put me the oto.ini and the reclist
  16. Kiera Brand

    9 mora vcv reclist?

    Hello I want to try 9 mora because it just seems good but does moresampler oto it?
  17. delphic

    What do you begin with while creating a reclist?

    Hello! I'm going to create a reclist for my language in future, but since it's my first reclist that I create I'd like to have some advices and tips from you. I actually have some ideas about how to organize a reclist, mainly by writing up all the consonants and the vowels that are in the...
  18. Sync_Ye

    I need recommendations reclist multi languages

    Does anyone know and can recommend me a reclist multi languages, I just need it to be complete and is somewhat compact and preferably in the formats CVVC-VCCV (but if it is in another format also, this is not a problem).
  19. ReticentResolve

    Single Reclist Cherokee CVVC Reclist 2.0

    This's is the fully released Cherokee oto and reclist. This page will fully explain how to successfully utilize the resource, and how to use it afterwards. Reclist: Cherokee has no vowel to vowel movements. They are always separated by a consonant unless switching words, in which case there...
  20. kimchi-tan

    Single Reclist All transitions Japanese 7-mora CVVC reclist 1.0

    (resubmitted because of the server migration) A Japanese CVVC reclist optimized for short recording time and all VC transitions available. Only 34 samples! Optimal recording tempo for the base oto.ini is 100 BPM. Some VCV and ending breaths (a R, etc) are also included. Base oto.ini by...