1. FeatheredFinch

    OTO VCCV English Oto for Art, Mixing or Japanese Oto

    I am very confused and I would love to trade professional mixing, Japanese oto or even art! if you oto my English VCCV, I've been a user since 2010 and I want to make a comeback but I really can't get ahold on the VCCV oto and it'd mean the world to me if someone could trade with me Example of...
  2. Eleanora


    Personality: Eleanora is a bright eyed, well poised, and kind young lady. She's a great listener and cares deeply about other people, especially her friends. She'll never pass on a chance to make someone else smile. Pet Peeve: bare feet, bear feet, any feet… Shortcomings: really bad at lying...
  3. HoneyPai

    【NITTON ft. RUKASU】I can't fix you【VCCV SPANISH】

    -NO HAY A REH GLO- POR QUEEEEEE Never tweak my oto again fren Doin me a "reh" glo Be wise when tweaking your oto kids, otherwise you will **** it up And your utau will say a "reh" glo This was actually just supposed to be a test to see if I can translate vccv english usts to vccv spanish. Seems...
  4. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo VCCV】 Bi☣hazard 【UTAUカバー 】

    I really wish I had more ideas for how to mix this..... But, I think it turned out pretty okay I guess. Song: Bi☣hazard Crusher-p FT Aiko Ust/ tuning: Yin-p UTAU: Yozane Iimo VCCVEnglish Mix: Yozane Art: Cine
  5. Kanomwan


    Name: ขนมหวาน (Kanomwan) Voicer: Kanomwan Gender: Female Birthday: July 30th Likes: Drawing , cat Dislikes: Speaking in front of people Her age is base on creator's age. (creator was born in 2000) This UTAU personality is base on her creator's.
  6. Klonoa18

    Tyler James

    His personality is more timid, kinda shy. He gets a lot well in groups but gets extremely shy alone but will chat non-stop if something catches his interest.
  7. S


    Sonata is the face of the charity group "Project Sonata", and has a twitter account. The team retweets any covers she's used in or artwork done with her in it. Follow @utausonata for updates and news! Sonata was originally released with 3 different voicebanks: Japanese VCV, English VCCV, and...
  8. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Alone 【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I LOVE THIS SOONNNGGG!!! Big thanks to yin for converting this for me! Original by Alan Walker. VSQx by Seg2580 Instrumental arrange by Benjamin Rannou Benjamin-rannou – Alan-walker-alone-official-instrumental-free-dl Converted to VCCV UST and tuned by...
  9. HoneyPai


    -About this beta- This English beta was recorded using a Delta English reclist. It can read VCCV usts as well as Delta CVVC usts depending on what oto you have downloaded. -The VCCV oto is not completely spot on, hence the main reason it is a beta -THIS BANK IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY BANK- (from a...
  10. Hazu パワ

    English UTAU Cover | Circles | Czloid

    I cover this song as a celebration to having 100+ folllowers~!!
  11. heta-tan


    I really like this song so I'm really glad someone made a UST for it! Also, this is my first video with Aphelia, the name I've chosen for any Mayu bank that isn't Japanese. You can download their beta VCCV here: CREDITS: Original song by strovi (Please check...
  12. Matsuo Sora

    Matsuo Sora

    Sora is a big idiot, who also happens to be a manchild. He is bored pretty easily and is quite hyperactive. He enjoys doing active things, such as dancing or doing sports, yet at the same time is also a quite lazy individual who loves to just lie in bed the whole day. He is also bisexual and has...
  13. Mershio Gear

    Mershio Gear

    Mershio's back story WIP. Personality: Mershio is a loud and a cocky boy, thinking that he can challenge the imposable but always fails. He is also a sly person, always lying to people, even his friends to make himself look and sound cooler than what he is.
  14. Trashloid Nicu

    【UTAU VCCV】Palette -Desire Path Remix- 【AL!CE.16】

    So i wanted to do a bigger thing for my first cover posted on here. I was very motivated to do this PV and it's a once in a full moon thing so don't get getting used to this ;^))
  15. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Caramelldansen 【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    YO!! SO @GothAmaterasu made a great ust for Caramelldansen! As soon as I found it I knew I had to make a cover! ^^ I have been in a creative slump lately so, I apologize if the mix is kinda crappy!! Ust: GothAmaterasu Utau: Yozane Iimo VCCV English 1.5 Mix: Yozane VIDEO: TBA (@PRISMkidd)
  16. Yozane

    【UTAU English】 How to pretend 【Yozane Iimo VCCV X SONATA】

    So my good friend @yin-yang-p-music made a cover of this song with Iimo and Sonata, and I asked them If I could take a shot of mixing it since I really wanted to learn how to the vocal effects used for the talking parts and some vocal glitching parts as well. This mix is very experimental, but I...
  17. MissFloralThief_

    Kohaku Merry Trapeze - Hyperdontia (Cover)

  18. Sylveranty

    [ENG UTAU RELEASE] Demo Reel [Koldos VCCV]

    My friend KrisElric finally released his UTAU's [Koldos] English VCCV voicebank! Credits: Again by The Living Tombstone & Crusher-P UST Base by Anh Duy UST Tuning by Sylveranty crushcrushcrush by Paramore UST by moonst4r My Impulse by nostraightanswer UST by まっく・さん Desu All mixes were done...
  19. Zephyr10101

    The GLaDOS Project

    Hiya, I'm looking for anyone who'd like to assist me in making an english utau of GLaDOS from Portal. What I'd need help with specifically is finding the specific samples for each line for the individual folders. I have all her voiced lines here:
  20. Violet Aura

    Violet Aura

    [By kyo-yos on Deviantart]