1. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Hopes And Dreams【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    THIS REMIX.....IS SOOOOO GOOD >.> And then there was a had to! I really hope Iimo sounds okay hear....I try really hard to get her to sound the best I can! Credits: Song: Hopes and Dreams Original: Toby Fox Remix: Video game remixes FT Jenny Ust: @CerifUTAU Base VSQX...
  2. Yozane

    【UTAU ENGLISH】Deja Vu【Yozane Iimo English & Merisdae -Crescent Moon-】

    So, I really can't wait to have time to record Iimo's English 2......CUZ I CAN'T STAAAAAAND how she says 'time' most of the her 'ts' is just a mess......ugghhhh but at least shes a bit understandable. Merisdae is a gem, I love her soooo much. Which is why I was happy that...
  3. Kitcat190

    【AL!CE.16】Dangerous Woman【UTAU ENG.】

    Dangerous wumon Original by Ariana Grande Karaoke Ust: Zurui Art: Kill me(?)
  4. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU Cover] I Give Up [Yozane Iimo VCCV English]

    WARNING: This video contains mildly flashing colors and images. Please watch with caution. This should have been done a while ago, but I had so much trouble from the art to the video that it ended up taking me a month. It should have been done along with her English 1.5 update and even before...
  5. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Brutus【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I really hope this is okay!! ^^ Credits: Song: Brutus Original by: Kanjo featuring Mimi Yorune UST: @moonst4r UTAU: Yozane Iimo VCCV EN Mix: Yozane VCCV reclist: @PaintedCz Art: @PRISMkidd
  6. Yozane

    【UTAU ENGLISH】Take A Hint【CZloid + Yozane Iimo VCCV English】

    So this a duet I made with Iimo and CZloid!! CZloid is really fun to use. <3 CREDITS: ■ SONG: Take a Hint from Victorious ■ MUSIC & LYRICS: TBA ■ ORIGINAL: Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies ■ UTAU: ヨザネ イーモ VCCV ENGLISH + CZloid | Yozane Iimo VCCV English + CZloid ■ UST: moonst4r ■ RENDER &...
  7. PRISMkidd

    Yozane Iimo VCCV English 2016 UPDATE

    @Yozane updated Iimo's English VB and I wanted to update the art to go along with it. Some notes about the art and design: I gave her a more dynamic pose to try and make the silhouette a little more interesting than the first one and I really liked how that turned out. I also updated the colors...
  8. PRISMkidd

    Yozane Iimo VCCV English 2016 Teaser

    Yozane updated Iimo's English VB and I wanted to update the art to go along with it. The art and VB are done but we're not ready to release it just yet, so here's a teaser image and some samples. I learned how to do a whole bunch of stuff while helping with the update, like how to do character...
  9. Kitcat190

    【UTAUカバー】My Impulse【AL!CE.16】HG

    Video: Weeeeeee Let me do things Ust: Makkusan @makkusandesu Original song by: Kenji-B (nostraightanswer) @nostraightanswer Original: Nostraightanswer – My-impulse-feat-dex-vocaloid-original-song Yay for oversized hollowed rabbit skulls
  10. Yozane

    【UTAU English】I Give Up (Me Rindo)【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I hope you guys like this cover!!!! Iimo's English is being Updated and this is a sample of what I have!
  11. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Goodbye【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I WORKED SOOOO HARD ON THIS MAN!!!!!!! But, I love this it was worth it! I hope you don't mind the things I added to the beginning and ending to this cover! Also the echoy bye part was fun to learn how to do....on my own! But I think I did well! CREDITS: Ust: Sange @drunksanjuu...
  12. WendytheCreeper

    【UTAU Original】Count My Mood【Trilli English Release Demo】

    I am so happy!! I've finally released Trilli's English voicebank, after about six months of work on her!! Here is the video description:
  13. Kitcat190


    I actually really like this song though Original: heart★breaker @mawarup Ust: Makku-san/まっく・さん @makkusandesu Weee I said **** it cause this is my third time mixing this because every time I finished my computer took a shit and lost all progress. I hope I didn't do any disgrace. But hot damn...
  14. Zurui

    Working on a Custom VCCV Japanese Reclist?

    Hello, everyone! As you might know, I had released my personal CVVCV Japanese reclist a while back, which gotten some fairly good reviews initially. Since it's release, I've been working on an upgrade to it which allows full fluidity between CV, VCV, and CVVC inputs, allowing for complete and...
  15. Rayven-Merleloid

    【UTAU English】 Hold It Against Me 【MERLELOID VCCV】

    youtube video isn't up yet ;x;
  16. keiran h

    Leia ft. Asereth [VCCV Spanish β] demo

  17. L

    Using A Zoom H2n As a Mic?

    Hello UtaForum! I registered to ask a silly question. :smile: I am fairly interested in recording an American English UTAU, but I'm just starting to get through the literature, tutorials and such. But before I get started, I've got a little bit of cold feet, and wanted to know if my MP3/WAV...
  18. Kitcat190

    【ENGLISH Release】Pushing Daisies -Double feature- 【AL!CE.16】

    WEEE, I am now officially dead on the inside. But aye, at least this happened. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~★DOWNLOADS★~ ★VOICE BANK★ ★Mp3/wav★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have any comments, questions or concerns...
  19. Yozane

    The rose VCCV UST Help needed!

    Hey guys! So I worked really hard and I made a pretty decient midi for the song, The Rose by Bette Midler(Don't judge!) xD Anyway, I am no good at USTing things. And was wondering if someone could help me with it. (Yes, I've watched CZ's Video on it) And I still can't get it right. So, I was...
  20. JAY

    English Voicebank Discussion / Reclist Opinions?

    Damn Jay, back at it again with the shitty forum threads... Anyway hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on different English UTAU styles and your thoughts on UTAU English overall! That being said, this is my thought on UTAU English. I personally am not a huge fan of voice synth...