1. Kitcat190

    【AL!CE.16】 Spectrum 【UTAUカバー】 VCCV

    Thank you to @phant0m_music for helping me out, fangz. Full Version: This bank is almost ready for release, and I say that as if speaking as someone who isn't as much as a procrastinator like I. Both pitches are nearly done with being oto'd and yeah. Weeeeeeee Ust...
  2. Sylveranty

    [Asher ft Arekkusu Okami] Myopia [Cover] + VCCV UST

    Original: TheSentientMachine & PianoBench Original singer: VY2V3 ft Gakupo Native Lyrics: TheSentientMachine Original video: UST, Mix: Sylveranty Asher: Carrotbunz Arekkusu Okami: McCloud UST:…view?usp=sharing Please tell me...
  3. Toumei Mitsuko

    Toumei Mitsuko

    Profile picture is by Na-Nami
  4. xShadowxXIII

    UST Svartalfheim 2016-01-23

    It's my first released VCCV ust! And also the one I've been meaning to do for a long time. svartalfheim_main.ust: the main vocals svartalfheim_tata.ust: the bare notes, no vocals
  5. bearhack

    「Tsuki Hikari」 It's Been So Long - Living Tombstone Cover

    So, I originally coded this .ust for Jayden, but it was outside of his pitch range seeing as how he's recorded down at F3 - he couldn't reach the notes in the refrain way up at C#5 lol. The .ust is mixed with an off-vocal of the song available on Living Tombstone homepage. Please enjoy!
  6. OngakuCD

    【UTAU English】KANKAN☆DANCIN 【Abrielle 100】W.I.P

  7. OngakuCD

    [UTAU English] Sky High [Abrielle 100 VCCV]

    VCCV is the same as CVVC in many ways but then it has me confused most of the time. I'm trying to convert this ust I made a minute ago, but I'm still learning as I go along what to use in the voicebank to make it flow better and have her pronounce things so they are more comprehensible...
  8. SpanishPandaHero

    【UTAU VCCV Spanish (Español)】 La Camisa Negra【Koru Fivet】+ sub english

    Testing Koru's spanish VCCV vb!
  9. moonst4r

    Mimi Yorune VCCV English 1.0

    ☆ Monopitch English VCCV voicebank. ☆ Recommended for use with fresamp resampler.
  10. WretchedKalamity

    Help me design MURMUR English!

    so, you may be familiar with my UTAU murmur, I have just recorded vccv English for her and need a design! I have no idea what I want, so I would ask for your creativity to go wild! The winner will get five covers from me and a headshot of their UTAU of choice. Murmur: Happy drawing~ I...
  11. WretchedKalamity

    Im back again, and need some help with vccv oto fixing

    So i recorded an english for my utau murmur and well... her vccv oto needs some adjusting, she's functional and understandable, but she needs some help, like, serious help. I'm willing to give ANYTHING for the oto fix, anything. you tell and I'll do it also- I can oto cv, and make usts from...
  12. Kitcat190

    【UTAU ENG.】Dollhouse【AL!CE.16】

    So I'm still trying to work out all the bugs ; v ; because this bank kinda just, sucks :'D ust: まっく・さん Desu Original: melanie martinez Short: Video:
  13. ryanlanuza18

    will oto English VCCV for art(2 slots only)

    so, to be straight forward, i need 2 VCCV VBs to experiment on! this is the sample of my recent otoing: in return i need some art for my upcoming covers and stuff! rule: YOU SHOULD FOLLOW CZ'S RECORDING OR ELSE I'M NOT GONNA OTO IT!
  14. Mrs.Peach

    Uotan VCCV - GH05T +ust

    ;w; Here! My contribution to the growing VCCV community....
  15. kthxsayonara

    【UTAUカバー】Electra Heart 【Noelle VCCV ENG】

    Just testing ye olde VCCV English. I put some chorus and flanger/phaser? (one of them) on this cover so it sounds poppy and cool. The oto is still beta so yeah.. (In fact the whole vb is beta)
  16. Taizo Zekkyoukoe

    Taizo Zekkyoukoe

    Birthday: November 21 Personality: Very persnickety and stubborn, and will complain if things aren't done properly. He wears his eye-patch because he thinks it makes him look cool. Other than that it doesn't serve much of a purpose. Whatever is stored on the flash drive around his neck is a...
  17. PaintedCz

    UTAU English VCCV 2015

    Hello. :3 Those things that I was doing? They're done now!! CZs Voice bank is here: And the Tutorials start here: Good luck everyone!!! Old information: And if you want to know more about me, and how and why and whatnot, this blog post on my tumblr probably says a lot about me...
  18. Mimi Yorune

    Mimi Yorune

    Birthday: February 23rd Race: Witch Personality: Mimi is a playful girl who likes to confuse people for fun. She may come off as an airhead, but she is actually pretty clever. However, she also tends to be prideful at times, but she will always be there to help those who are dear to her. She...
  19. Amaicho Watakashi

    Amaicho Watakashi

    Family Yokaze Watakashi (Father) Kosame Watakashi (Older sister) Tobutori Watakashi (Twin brother) Chisana Watakashi (Baby sister) Jinzo Ame/CL-07 (Robot companion) CL-08 (Tobutori's robot companion Mari (Lives with the Watakashis' and is like a sister to Amaicho) Character Item Cotton Candy...