vcv bank

  1. Haru Torres

    Haru Torres

    Haru's personality can be described as sweet, shy, timid, princely mannerisms, easily excitable/embarrassed. He is also cat-like in some ways. Saying "nya" is one of his favorite things and ends up coming out in conversations, especially when he is being smug. Trivia: - The lace patterns on...
  2. NIKA

    【UTAU ANNIVERSARY】フィクサー / Fixer【Augustus】

    It's a little late, but it was my UTAU's birthday and anniversary 2 weeks ago ! :sing: I hope you could give it a listen ~
  3. Mieko Masara

    Mieko Masara

    Mieko was born to Hayate Nori and Hanae Masara on April 11. Mieko is the younger sister of Miyuki Masara, but the two could not be more opposite. Miyuki is stoic, brash, and not afraid to say to a complete stranger what she thinks of them, while Mieko is shy, constantly scared, and is even more...
  4. Sync_Ye

    WIP Critique Requested 失う(Ushinau)【桐山ルアン 】

    Just a test, the soft voicebank used in this cover was not done a re-work yet so it keeps ringing strange, but the normal voicebank is practically. I wanted to do this cover with my new voicebank that I am working on because the autoCVVC does not want to cooperate with me and adapt this UST to...
  5. dionn1993

    Zannon Koitsu Vcv And Vccv Act 2 Voicebanks Download

  6. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    はるきイチロー [Ichiro Haruki] ~VCV~ 1.0

    Here you guys go!
  7. 小_Victor


    ★About: I feel fulfilled in publishing this voicebank! After 4 years with "VIICTOR VCV Feijoada" being the only voicebank available for good use of Japanese, I finally did this and I'm publishing it, I'm planning to launch several others that are already ready. Please read the "Readme" file as...
  8. ParanoidKitsune

    Hiro Shishiza MADGEDY 2019-03-18

    A whisper voicebank I originally recorded back in 2015. Oto configuration was done by @ryanlanuza18
  9. Pluto


    A 14 year old boy who goes by the stage name Pluto, real name Lawrence Tombaugh. He currently lives with the rest of the musical group, Planetary Motion, where he is the youngest. Very shy and reluctant to interact with other people unless prompted. He keeps to himself, and likes to spend time...
  10. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこデモンストレーション曲】このふざけた素晴らしき世界は、僕の為にある【Crystalia Millenium】

    This demo here uses her prototype, beta VCV voicebank. Sign Ups for beta testing are active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 星屑ゆずこ連測音β1.0歌声デモンストレーション : Song by n.k「このふざけた素晴らしき世界は、僕の為にある」 Lyrics by n.k Original Singer: Hatsune Miku...
  11. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこデモンストレーション曲】透明水彩【Crystalia Millenium】

    This demo here uses her prototype, beta VCV voicebank. Sign Ups for beta testing are active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 星屑ゆずこ連測音β1.0歌声デモンストレーション : Song by ヤスオP「透明水彩」 Lyrics by ヤスオP Guitar by 我々の骨盤P Original Singer: Hatsune Miku...
  12. Sync_Ye

    Does this sound like a voicebank whisper?

    I am working on an append for my UTAU LUAN Kiriyama but I do not know how to say it is sounding, I tried to make a whisper voicebank but I do not know if it really sounds like whisper or like soft, sasayaki, etc. I wonder how it sounds to you? Here is a sample of him: Here's a sample of the...
  13. Sync_Ye

    【UTAU Cover】Corpse Dance | しかばねの踊り【LUAN Kiriyama】

    I love this song and strangely the voice of LUAN combines with these styles of music, I hope you like the cover. Vb Dl: Credits Ust By ??? (no readme) Mix By Sonya PV By YeDev Contact: ◼twitter: @YeDevs ◼Email
  14. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested Mic and reclist test {Kanade(One-Week Friends ED)}

    How does that sound to you?
  15. Z

    UtaForum Ou're -Hazure- VCV release

    I'm releasing this early Ou're -Hazure- is up for download Demo's:
  16. NIKA

    【UTAU BIRTHDAY】Thanks for Being Lifeless【Akai Deo VCV】+ PV

    On the 12th of October, 2013- my very first successfully recorded UTAU, Akai Deo has been 'born'! 4 years passed of inactivity, no covers, no updates,, but now... here he is with his new VCV voicebank ! Please watch and listen to the cover my team worked very hard on ! YouTube Upload + PV...
  17. Sync_Ye

    【Nonoka】Depression Of Cybernetics - Cover

    I love that song
  18. Nerika


    Generally quite serious, she may come off as being cold or arrogant due to her difficulty expressing her feelings. She is constantly working to better herself, for the sake of pleasing her master. She is an amazing cook, but will never use any pickled ingredients in any of her dishes, as she...
  19. Aux

    Open Searching for and UTAU Voice Provider!

    I'm looking for a tenor voice provider for my UTAU. The Voice Bank would be a VCV Japanese bank and possibly a future English bank. Please contact me if you're interested!
  20. Hatsumiii

    VCV Reclist help? (Japanese)

    Hey so I have 2 reclists. A 5 mora with 188? (I think) samples and a 6 mora with 193 samples. (Will add extras) The 5 mora list is put together of two other 5 mora lists, the problem is I need someone to tell me if these are efficient enough/how many more samples I would need I have the standard...