vcv bank

  1. Rice Life

    how do you alias a VCV voicebank?,

    i know what alias is but for CVVC i will never do for japanese ever again may it rip it , Aliasing for VCV ?, i've Alias vb before but they were random cv or some other thing that was simple,.. but not a vcv i think it was a triphone, all it had was hiragana,.. Auto alias doesn't work nothing...
  2. Kurayami Hikari

    Kurayami Hikari

    Quick Description: Kurayami Hikari is the first FABUloid. She's based off of the main creator when she first started UTAU. Loud, violent, brash....wait...the creator's still like that! Kurayami Hikari is the younger sibling of Akira Hikari, her older brother. which is again, another trait that...
  3. InochiPM

    【Mack音サイ rePAX (SWEET)】Quiet Room 【カバー】

    So since its been a very long time since i last uploaded anything to my youtube i thought i would upload a cover of Quiet room~ ▲Credits ▪ UST: Mel/Rev ▪ Original Song: 有機酸/ewe official ▪ BG Assets...
  4. Ofuji Agate

    Ofuji Agate

    Ofuji has no canon personality and her age, height, and weight are all just my own headcanons for her. She can be whatever you want her to be.
  5. Yua (nanatsuki) Oogami

    Yua (nanatsuki) Oogami

    PERSONALITY Yua has quite the complex personality, being quite eccentric, adaptable and yet easily bored. She is a cheerful girl who loves to tease and do anything to fill her curiosity, sometimes being quite forceful, though she always gets away with it since she is a smooth talker. Looks and...
  6. Kyūketsu Rei

    Kyūketsu Rei

    Rei is a lazy and apathetic vampire turned in the late 1800s. She spends months at a time asleep in her castle, only waking up when hungry. When she gets a taste for blood she becomes cruel, hyperactive, and playful.
  7. sei_ve

    VCV bank not generating sound

    The bank has been made perfectly. I've made three of these now and had no problems with the previous two. The oto is fine (i believe), and when I manually input notes, she sings just fine. However, when using various other USTs, I find that UTAU will run through the rendering process (and does...
  8. jasmin00


    BETA download : I can't believe it that my baby just turned 4....aaAAA-- I'd love to get some feedback of her newest voicebank <3
  9. Sync_Ye

    UTAU Key Medley! [OPEN]

    I'm planning to do a medley of the KEY with Utau (plural) to test for a VST and the dynamic refining of the vocal at the time of mixing (or is not applied along the UST) but I don't want to be looking for Utau (plural) by the ai (even because that to me would take a long time) so who want to...
  10. Mei-Saime

    [星音ゆずこVCV -Colorful-] Heart Beats [UTAU demo]

    Yuzuko VCV demo~
  11. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko VCV Promo

    Yuzuko VCV Promo Coming Fall/Winter 2017...
  12. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko -Colorful- ADULT Demo

    Yuzuko's final Voicebank finally got recorded but please not that some sounds will be missing. Also, I am thinking about opening a BETA testing for Yuzuko's VCV bank! If you want to ask for her alpha demo, you can PM me if interested.
  13. Selna


    Backstory coming soon! Art by Halo
  14. PokerFaceLady05

    Stella Rutemo

  15. PokerFaceLady05

    Point Keruno

  16. Kanon746

    Art Help with VCV Multipitch Oto, Art in exchange.

    Hello guys, I almost finish recording my new Voicebank and I have finished some otos, but still there is a lot to do and it would be of great help if someone could help me, I offer art in exchange. Here is how it sounds like. And you can see my art here...
  17. jellophish

    Closed OTO [LF] oto.ini for VCV bank | Art in Return

    Hiya! I have another bank I need an oto.ini for. Time constraints leave me no room for my UTAUs, but I do want to give them a good send off as it's been a couple years since I used UTAU. The bank in question is already recorded and is a pretty simple VCV bank. I have no pitches for it either...