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Hey! I'm really in need of money and am considering opening oto commissions. If you want to contact me then my discord is Elfrida Grey#4671, it will probably result in a quicker response than pming me on here, though you can also reply to the thread and I should respond as soon as I can.

I'm able and willing to do a mono pitch CV, CVVC and VCV for free to start off so people know how I do each and can judge them accordingly.

For commission prices:
  • CV (JP) will be 1$ for base pitch 50 cents per extra pitch
  • CVVC (JP) will be 2$ for base pitch and 75 cents per extra pitch
  • VCV(JP) will be 3.25$ base pitch and 1$ per extra pitch

    Free slots, one method per slot. (0/3)

    Paid slots (0/5)

For any of the above methods, Spanish banks will be an extra dollar for their base pitch.

In the future,when I have more time on my hands and figure out a fair price, I'll probably offer to oto English VCCV banks or something, but they will probably be pricey compared to my JP and SP prices as English VCCV takes a long time to oto.

I may also offer to just do VCCV for many languages, but that will require me to figure out different prices for each language depending upon difficulty and how much time and energy I'd be putting in one versus the other.
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