Open PayPal Points Looking for a Male Voice! (Name Your Price $£€¥)


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I'm back!
I'm looking for a male voice to fit this my friend's character,
This is just parody art of him and a girl who has a voicebank in the works lmao, I made this back when ohedo Julia night first came out QwQ

I'm looking for a voice similar to Mitsuki (minor Boruto spoilers),
Or similar to Eve

Even if your voice does not sound exactly like their's that's okay! I am still interested in hearing what you have to offer!

Payment: PayPal, dA points, Amino Coins, it's up to you how you'd like to be paid!

Please provide a voice sample when applying! And please understand how to do VCV! I'm looking for 3 pitches at the most, meaning I won't ask for any more than that xD


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Name: Lucas Correia Furlan
Just one question, How price you have in mind, i think in a price around 35 a 55 dollars per pitch.with you have an another price just notified me. I hope you like my voice to contact me on twitter or discord
@Fuka_Oni discord: Fuka#3033
Microphone: Microphone_Arcano black-1 Condenser microphone
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Hello I am interested in this offer i would want $10 per pitch.
I would also ask do I have to know how to oto the VCV bank?
Also I can do more more pitches if you want.^^


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Hello ! i can do any voice type , from very low , to very high , to opera style to soft young type! here is a exemple of my voice , with my utau

Any voicebank type can be done ! Though , just for saying im french , so if you like to have more a french accent let me know!