moresampler all of a sudden not working :(


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Hello! I just signed up to the UTAForums today for help with this.

I'm a loyal MoreSampler user and have never had any issues until today. One of my favorite UST makers put out a new UST and I wanted to see how it sounded!

I used moresampler as I always do, but when I went to hit play to hear the test wav file, nothing happened after the CMD prompt. The play line didn't appear, and no sound either. I'm unsure as to how or why this is happening.

I have tried-
  • Reinstalling the plugin altogether
  • using wavtool as the append rather than both slots with moresampler
  • using different USTs
  • restarting the program
  • restarting my PC
  • using different voicebanks
I'm unsure where to go from here :sad:


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darndest thing I suppose, since my UTAU doesn't have the setting kam displayed.

However, idk what presamp does to the audio itself, but I make use of moresampler with presamp, so perhaps try making use of presamp to handle it too...?

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