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    Month of Song Challenge

    Just in time I can post the thing I did. I hope you can excuse me for this as it's my first composition.
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    Month of Song Challenge

    I've recently finished a one-month challenge on other subject and I learnt a lot from it so let me try now this one. I'll start on July 8th and set the final day on August 8th.
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    Wavetone as midi tool for ust making - Wavetone as midi tool for ust making

    Wavetone is a tool that does a graphical representation of the frequencies of a sound file, lets us draw midi notes directly on top of their related notes and then export the result as a midi file. (Typical wavetone use) To download the program go to...
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    Tutorial Wavetone as midi tool for ust making

    irei1as submitted a new resource: Wavetone as midi tool for ust making - Brief introducttion at using wavetone as ust making start Read more about this resource...
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    Most annoying UTAU/Vocaloid song?

    Francium. I guess it's not the worst song I've heard but I get bad vibes from it. I don't like that at all.
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    Accessory blender to MMD addons - blender to MMD addons

    Blender3D is a freeware, multiplatform and open source 3D modeling (and more) tool. You can download it from A (kind of) full manual -including how to install addons- can be read in It's used by some modelers, like masisi, to make...
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    blender to MMD addons

    irei1as submitted a new resource: blender to MMD addons - Links for addons for the portability between blender3D and MikuMikuDance Read more about this resource...
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    Exploratory Post: An UtaForum Collab Album

    I'll be very happy to check the results from the sidelines. Now, I was thinking on not replying in this post because, even if I think these projects are awesome ideas, I would just be an observer as I lack the skill to actively help. But I feel it's important for you to know there are people...
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    The Dress that broke the Internet

    I think this'll be the trigger of World War 3. Blue and Black for me.
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    UTAU "Resampler" Directory

    I just paste "libfftw3-3.dll" in the same folder than the resampler that uses it. Get the file from: There you can get the source and all that... but as you may just want to use it as a windows user follow the link that says "Go here for Windows." To be sure...
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    Good evening. See you around.

    I'm kind of an old dude here but let me follow the formality of doing an introduction. I'm from Spain. Particularly from the Mediterranean coast, quite a beautiful place. Let me recommend it to you. English isn't my first language but I'll try my best to not be very incorrect. I'm quite older...
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    [Repost]Problem with Hiragana USTs

    Something is preventing for the locale to change correctly the code page so the system performs as if you hadn't changed locale at all. It seems you've done everything correctly so I don't know what may be the cause, sorry. I guess you can still try (first change back to your original locale)...
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    [Repost]Problem with Hiragana USTs

    Let's try... ・First change back to your original locale. ・Do the update thingy for Japanese support as described here: ・Change to Jp locale and see if chcp shows the incorrect 1252 again.
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    [Repost]Problem with Hiragana USTs

    I'd rather you had used resampler.exe instead of TIPS because it gives more information but it'll work. Let me show you the result of a rendering with my TIPS: Do you see it says ¥Temp¥utau1>copy ...etc... If you check yours it is...
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    [Repost]Problem with Hiragana USTs

    Can you also post a picture of the black command window that appears when using resampler.exe with the hiragana notes that rise the problem for more information? For example, I made Oniko sing "お お お". You may want to censor private information like the user name if you want (that's not important).