OREMO Recording Package 命PM CVVC Japanese List 1.2

A CVVC Japanese list.

  1. InochiPM
    ■ About
    This is a CVVC Reclist for UTAU.
    It was compiled from various CVVC voicebanks, Since most CVVC lists are
    hard to find or are a little dificult to record or without oto's
    so i decided to generate a CVVC ust from the many voicebanks floating around.
    This list is a mix of the Eve recording style and the Ruko CVVC style with
    VCV vowel strings. With some added extras that i added in my self
    Oto.ini's are provided. in each folder they just need some editing.
    Each file corresponds to the folder names.

    ・CVVC_リスト/CVVC List.txt

    ・特殊発声/Special CVVC Sounds.txt

    ・吸UTAU用/Inhale Breath.txt

    ・無声子音/Voiceless Consonants.txt



    ・他の音/Extra sounds
    This file contains the extra sounds like 「くぁ、ぐぁ、ぬぁ、むぁ」 ect..
    these aren't needed and you dont have to record them, it's only if you want to.

    The oto's provided are pulled from my own recordings, and some of them might need some
    sliding around. Other than that each folder has its own OTO.ini.

Recent Updates

  1. Forgot to add Hisohiso's Oto folder