Pros: Multipitch, appends, cute accent, very smooth, Core VB is rather versatile
Cons: Upper pitches sound a bit inconsistent, Tempest Voicebank gets muffled up in lower notes
Now, I have to say: I absolutely love Armor! From how he sounds, over his design to even his accent! The voice is adorable, especially with that cute french accent, which I gotta say had been improved very well in the multipitch update.

However this is where he could be better: the A#4 and D#5 Pitches of the multipitch sound a bit inconsistend when used in utau, and the change of pitch is very noticable, while I personally think 4 Pitches are already good, maybe another Pitch between F4 and A#4 could help with consistency. His Tempest Voicebank also could benefit from Multipitch, since utau isn't good at pitching samples down, notes below D4 sound muffled up and kinda weird, I'd suggest recording another C4 Pitch or just combining it with the C4 Pitch of the core bank.

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