Bolly Joel

  • Western Name:
    Bolly Joel
    Name Guide:
    Bah-lee Johl
    Release Date:
    5 inches (12.7 cm)
    3 ounces
    Grass, hay, cud, Miyuki, playing, doing tricks, having his hair brushed
    Loud noises, being squeezed, being laughed at
    Bolly Joel was manufactured by Miyuki Masara, in an attempt to genetically engineer a cow the size of a hamster. Bolly Joel was the result of the experiment, and a resounding success at that. Miyuki studies him daily, and takes good care of him. Despite being the size of a hamster, he's still a cow at heart. He has to be milked twice daily, and produces 0.01 milligrams of milk each session. He can only be fed grass, hay and the occasional cheese cud. Miyuki has taught him various tricks, such as rolling over and playing fetch. He loves playing with people and being given love and attention.

    Trivia Bits
    • Bolly Joel is a joke UTAU with only moos as samples. As of 4/22/20, Bolly Joel now has exvoice samples.
    • Bolly Joel's name is an intentional misspelling of Billy Joel, a famous musician. Bolly Joel's name was changed to what it is now to avoid copyright concerns. Also, Bolly Joel's name must be said in full every time his name is mentioned, just Bolly isn't acceptable.
    • Various people have pointed out that Bolly Joel has an udder, which is a characteristic of only female cows. This has evolved into the widely accepted notion that Bolly Joel is a transgender cow. He is an icon for transgender rights and is often pictured with the trans flag.
    • Bolly Joel loves to show off his tricks and wants everyone to play with him.
    • Bolly Joel was released on Earth Day, and his birthday shares the date as well.
    • Bolly Joel is an emotional cow, and is influenced by what others around him feel.
    Bolly Joel new CVVC.png
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    • Other
    Bolly Joel CVVC:

    Bolly Joel CVVC is multiexpression, with Core, Kire, Whisper, Soft, and Growl expressions. He is configured in a similar way to CVVC Japanese banks. He has M and むぅ aliases. He has end breaths for all suffixes and three standalone breaths. He has an exvoice folder. He has a how to use file in his zip folder, as well as this video for how to use him:

    Bolly Joel Original CV:

    Bolly Joel can only say moo, and has three moos at pitches A3, D4, and C#5

    He has two standalone breaths, a huff and an exhale

    To make Bolly Joel sing, replace all notes in the UST with "moo"

    Bolly Joel has a full prefix map, and all notes are suffixed, and can be overridden if need be.

    Download Bolly Joel Original


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    R-18 pornographic and violent/gory works are forbidden for Bolly Joel. All other rules apply.

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