1. DrewTerra12

    UTAU won't install on Windows 10 & gets stuck with a Window's installer saying "Preparing to Install

    I recently, downloaded Utau 0.418e which was the latest version of UTAUloid. I watched multiple online tutorials and followed every steps such as switching Microsoft IME to Japanese to not installing it on a Programfiles x86 folder. I also tried running it with "as administrator" & downloading...
  2. Dappernette

    Utau installer not working???

    I'm trying to install Utau (btw I'm using Windows 10), but instead of this popping up: This pops up instead: What's going on and how can I download Utau when this keeps on happening? I've checked some videos, but they don't say anything about this, so I'm really confused rn qwq
  3. Aisturlian

    Install Voicebank on MAC OS?

    I have everything else set up, and am able to get Uta to sing, but I can't figure out how to add another voicebank /ust or anything like that on Mac Os? I have downloaded files but can't figure it out... I've looked around, but all the tutorial/ guides only show how to do it on windows, and or...
  4. chippy

    help? first time downloading

    so uhh i'm quite new and i'm using windows 10. i need help. i changed the region and a lot of things necessary but whenever i try to install it, it says " preparing install " but it takes ages. please tell me if i'm doing anyhing wrong. thank you for your help
  5. RosyKitteh

    Mojibake Everywhere Despite Locale Change

    I got a new bigger and badder computer and went to install UTAU on it. I changed the locale to Japanese and opened the UTAU installer. It looked like this (keep in mind that I also installed all the required language packs to type in Japanese prior to doing this): Hey, look! No mojibake! I...
  6. B

    Utau installation stuck.

    I had followed the installation guide for Utau and everything needed(Japanese IME and locale ) is in place but when I actually start the installation the Utau installer reaches near the end of the installation, opens windows installer and is stuck on preparing to install. I set the file...
  7. Sylveranty

    Vorbereitung und Installation von UTAU [Deutsch]

    Im Video: Wie man das Gebietsschema (Region Locale) und das Dezimaltrennzeichen ändert, sowie wie man die japanische Tastatur der Tastatur-Auswahl hinzufügt und nutzt. Bevor ihr das Programm „UTAU“ überhaupt herunterladet, müsst ihr einige Einstellungen auf eurem PC ändern. Ansonsten wird...