1. P

    A message to you.

    I wanted to thank all of you, so I took some time to write this.... I hope you'll all keep up your hard work.
  2. JAY

    English Voicebank Discussion / Reclist Opinions?

    Damn Jay, back at it again with the shitty forum threads... Anyway hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on different English UTAU styles and your thoughts on UTAU English overall! That being said, this is my thought on UTAU English. I personally am not a huge fan of voice synth...
  3. Ronnie <UniverseJuice>

    【UTAUカバー】1 4 3 (I Love You) +UST【Ronnie K ft. Trina Korean CVVC】

    Originally Performed by: Henry Art: Me UST: Me Ronnie: Voiced and owned by me Trina: Voiced and owned by StarsNeverStop The UST was made using my Korean CVVC reclist, which can be found HERE MP3:
  4. S

    best reclist?

    I was curious, I'm interested in exploring other languages in UTAU and was wondering what the current best reclists for Spanish, French, Chinese and German are? I've just seen so many different ones floating around and some are CVVC, VCCV (?), etc, and wasn't sure which is best to go off of...
  5. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Single Reclist No Nonsense Japanese VCV

    This @reclist is optimized for the Japanese language. This is intended to be thought of as an improvement over Ritsu or Ruko's lists which include... redundancy uncommon/largely unused sounds inflexibility This reclist eliminates all redundancy, unnecessary sounds, and is easy to edit to one's...
  6. Sylveranty

    OREMO Recording Package German CVC Reclist 1.2

    [Update July 2019] The information of the three years old update is still true. I'm simply procrastinating a lot, but the reclist is basically done. So feel free to contact me to get access to the reclist and kick me in the butt to finally release it officially. [Update December 2016] WHY...
  7. InochiPM

    OREMO Recording Package Inochi-PM 7 Mora Romaji List 2015-12-08

    Note: This package includes the list, BGM, and base oto. After looking around and finding only really shitty Romaji lists for VCV and none of them including a oto.ini for anyone, i decided to look through and compile a better romaji list for people who are just starting out with utau and VCV...
  8. PanTran

    Single Reclist English CVVC Lite-List

    So I've developed a new, super easy English reclist for you all to enjoy! With only about 170 samples, This includes the basic CVVC, no sugar, no spice! You should be able to make some good English with all these sound at your disposal, and without all the work! (Relatively speaking...)...
  9. Nat

    Simlish reclist

    (If this is in the wrong place I apologies) Ok! so I kinda have this idea for a reclist of the language of simlish (basically sim language) (ill probably update this later)
  10. Ronnie <UniverseJuice>

    OREMO Recording Package Korean CVVC Reclist 2.0

    Included is my CVVC Korean Reclist The OTO.INI and a Pronunciation Guide is included in the "Reclist" Folder. There is a UST included that can be used to test the voicebank. Feel free to edit the UST as you wish to make it work better for your UTAU. There is an example voicebank also included...
  11. Miuraock

    Single Reclist Miurock English reclist 1.0

    a i u e o are same as japanese @ Is the vowel in At And Apple 1 is the vowel In hIt lIt 3 is vowel in fERn 6 is vowel in lUck 0 is vowel in bOOk the word version will be put as [v3][3s][si][in] or something like that zh s in aisa ts zz in pizza thh airy th dh strong th dhh airy strong th
  12. Terindie

    What To Look For in a Japanese Reclist (And What To Avoid)

    So, you want to record a Japanese UTAU. And why wouldn't you? UTAU was developed especially for Japanese voicebanks; most songs with USTs are Japanese. It's simply the most popular language to use in the program. The problem is that most of the overseas UTAU fandom doesn't know Japanese, and...
  13. OcarinaLink24

    Single Reclist Thorough CV Japanese/English 1.1

    This is a good reclist for people who want to record a CV UTAU. It's got the Japanese syllables, as well as some extras that will enable it to cover most instances of English used in J-Pop. The added consonants are not required, but recommended as it helps with advanced tuning. For recording a...
  14. lunamageice

    OREMO Recording Package CVVC Mandarin Reclist LUNA-style 1.0

    Hello there~ I actually released this list on my soundcloud a while back, but thought I should put it here as well! This list has pinyin elements, but is altered to correspond to the sounds they actually make. I did this because if you don't know pinyin, or its your first time recording a...
  15. aoi・kurt

    Inactive Tokens Points Other Reclist Commision!

    I guess the top covers most of it. :shades: Well, you need to explain the details. First up, Phonetics/Language. If there's no specific language, give the list of phonetics. Then, the method! Give me all you got! I could even do...
  16. aoi・kurt

    Single Reclist MultiList series nearclose_2016

    This series will still be updated until further notice. The list of reclists: CORE VCVVC reCORE CV(C) litE VCV(VC) SMJE ??? - Yes, I will revive this reclist. Malay VCVVC I'm sorry that I don't have samples for the reclists. I'd try to test them/find a tester once I've completed updating the...
  17. Chianachini

    Common words English Utau have trouble pronouncing

    I think it's a good idea to consider 'difficult' words in making reclists, something I'm considering for a possible Engloid series. So, anything come to mind? Words I've always had trouble forming with both Japanese VCV and English delta lists are: strength, blue, breeze, girl, and...
  18. Ghostysenpai

    Single Reclist Romaji CVVC 2015-04-05

    A romaji verson of Kuro_delta's CVVC reclist, complete with a premade OTO.ini with hiragana aliases.
  19. F

    English CVVCV sorta

    I'm working on this VCV like reclist based on my first cv english reclist (it works fine , short old example here ) This is not full VCV , that's why I named it CVVCV , it replaces missing vcv samples with vc , also it doesn't have sounds like kra bra , etc... that can be generated like in CVVC...
  20. LunaAkimine

    Single Reclist How to record a Chinese Voicebank

    Who in the right mind would record a chinese VB now :D basically the reclist is just a full list of chinese pin yin the full reclist contains the 4 different sounds (which i am lazy to do) for every sound. so if there are 100 sounds in the lite list, you record 400 sounds in total [1 x 4 = 4...