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Discussion in 'Requests & Freebies' started by AnimeaSPrin, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Ok, so the title says it all.

    I'm looking for a female voice provider who can POSSIBLY do a tripitch/multipitch VCV Japanese?

    Due date: None, but I'd like it done when you can get it done!

    Specific requests: Can they have maybe three pitches? Whatever you can do! Obviously wanting a more feminine and semi mature voice. The character herself is 22 and more mature. She also speaks Japanese, Korean, and English. I mainly want her to do Japanese!

    -I can do multiple covers! Any song, any type, etc. Just link me a VB, UST, and tell me your recommended flags! (If you use flags.)

    -I can also do mixes, which means you give me the wavs files and I'll mix em all for a cover! For all of em I'll provide a mediafire download when finished. For full covers, I'll post em on my soundcloud. (Or YT.) AND I'll provide a non instrumental cover in the dl and a fully finished one! Along with a readme.

    -You can request things! Though, I may not be able to do certain things.

    -You can claim a few parts in a medley I'm doing! (UST not by me,) VCV. So- Yeah, that's also an option.

    -Depending on what your willing to do, pitch wise, language wise, you may pick multiple!

    Design: To be posted- Lol.

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