1. HoneyPai
    Pros - HQ, Easy to use, nice tone
    Cons - Start breaths, some pronounciation
    Alice is quite high quality, though she does seem to have slight problems
    Alice has start breaths on all beginning sounds, this is a nice touch, but it is hard to work around sometimes. I remember you giving an example of how to silence the breaths, but the start breath extends a note automatically, if the breath is silenced, it makes AL!CE sound as if she is coming in late. I suggest that you give users the option to include and start breath rather than being forced to use the breaths and not know how to work around them and then end up getting your oto edited.
    Alice also has the "ta" sound intentionally pronounced as "tsa" This is slightly irritating in my opinion because it interferes with some usts and makes AL!CE seem as though she is pronouncing things wrong. For this, I suggest you include a sound in the omake file or somewhere so a user can make AL!CE properly pronounce "ta"