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Western Name
Shou Hirata
Eastern Name
Name Guide
Release Date
166 cm
surname, name: Hirata Shou
gender: male (ftm transgender)
age: 21
height: 166cm
blood type: O

character birthdate: february 25th, 2001
initial voicebank release: march 13th, 2017

personality: straightforward, energetic
species: human (possessed by a ghost of a tabby cat)

likes: cats, volleyball, coffee
dislikes: loud noises, strong smells, sleeping
A guy who's easily irritated, quick to forgive. Attracted to men.
It's very likely that he is surviving on coffee and headache pills.

Can be seen saying what's on his mind without filtering, often causing misunderstandings.
Dense when it comes to human relations.
Smiles a lot, that however doesn't always mean he's happy.
Dislikes being told he is short.

Uses he/him pronouns
First person pronoun: 俺/ore
Second person pronouns: 君/kimi, ~さん/xx-san, ~くん/xx-kun
Speaks using 「ッス(ssu)」 lingo.

Voicebank Info

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UTAU Group
UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
File Encoding
Kana (Japanese) Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
Voicebank Configured on
Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
  2. English
  3. Korean
  4. Other

Japanese voicebanks

▼ (un;)behaved | 11-pitch multi-expression VCV [recommended]
core(weak): G3/B3/D4/F4/A4/C5
solid: B3/D4/F4/A4/C5
Sings with a natural gentle voice, has solid-tone add-on


▼ sick | 8-pitch multi-expression VCV [recommended]
core: G#3/B3/E4/G#4/B4
weak: E4/G#4/B4
Lower range has a good nasal tone, gets stuffier upwards

▼ smile | 4-pitch japanese VCV

RAP系 | 42-mora 3-pitch japanese VCV
Intended for fast paced songs. Voice type is normal


▼ pillowtalk (presamp-compatible) | 4-pitch japanese CVVC

▼ breeze (presamp-compatible) | 4-pitch japanese CVVC
Calming voice

▼ scratch (presamp-compatible) | 8-pitch japanese CVVC [recommended]
core: G#3/B3/D4/F4/A4/C5
weak: F4/A4
More adult-like and solid than usual

▼ reverie (presamp-compatible) | 6-pitch japanese singing CVVC [not recommended]
core: G3/B3/E4/G4/A4/B4
extra: E4 weak/B4 falsetto/whisper
Lower end is weak, the tone gets stronger on the higher end
Whisper pitch is actually whispered (volume issues, not recommended)

▼ sundry | 12-pitch japanese rentanjutsu CV
core: G3/B3/D4/F4/A4/C5
weak: B3/D4/A4/C5
strong: D4
Various vocal tone throughout the octaves. Falsetto widens the higher range furthermore

English voicebanks

arpasing (2020) | 8-pitch english [recommended]
core: G3/B3/D4/F4/B4

weak: G3
strong: F4

falsetto: D5
Strongish natural tone

VCCV (2021) | 1-pitch english

Natural tone

Other voicebanks

▼ 히라타 쇼_KR | 3-pitch CVC-format korean
core: A3/D4

weak: F#4
Natural, gentle tone
▼ inuktitut | 4-pitch CVVC-format inuit

core(weak): B3/D4/G4
strong: G4
Weak natural tone

▼ vocal fry add-on (VCV) | VCV vocal fry / used by adding onto a voicebank

▼ growl fry add-on (vowels to blend) | growl vowels / used by adding onto a voicebank

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Permission Not Required
Character Commercial Use
Permission Required
Voicebank Commercial Use
Permission Not Required
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
See Additional Terms of Use
Full Terms of Use
Additional Terms of Use
See the official site. The latest version is always on the official website.


・Always state the character's full name. ( 平田翔 / hirata shou )

・Voicebank name(s) must be addressed in the description. ( sick /un;)behaved etc.)


・Selling or distribution of all or part of a voicebank, with or without modification.

・Acts that infringe third party rights.

・Political usage, committing any level of crime etc.


・MxM, MxNB coupling is OK. MxF coupling is also okay however Hirata Shou is canonically homosexual. Always check the other side's ToS in advance.

・R18/R18G works are OK.

・Meanwhile the usage of alcohol, drugs and smoking are not encouraged, they are allowed in fictional works.


ヴィラン does not take responsibility for any trouble, damage or loss caused by the use of Lounge Stray characters or voicebanks.

Usage without specifying VB Forbidden

Usage in HANASU OK

Derivative charas(g flag etc.) Forbidden

Redistribution of voicebank Forbidden

Processing and distribution of VB Forbidden

Distribution of edited oto.ini Permission required in advance

Commercial use OK(Permission required in advance)

Crossdressing Forbidden

Body swap (Gender) Forbidden

Reverse gijinka OK

Cosplay OK

Coupling OK

Erotic expressions OK

Eroguro expressions OK

Violent/grotesque expression OK

※When mingling with other voicebanks, always check the terms of the other party.

Latest reviews

Pros: Almost everything about the voice bank!
Cons: Some voice banks are a bit difficult to use due to their .oto and notes won't last long when using some resamplers.
I absolutely love using this voice bank, because it's cute and a perfect male UTAU. I've used this voice bank several times before and it never fails to meet my expectations! However, when using some resamplers, the notes won't exactly come out as well, but that rarely happens and people can always fix it. If you're planning on downloading a new VB for your collection, Gekimaru should most certainly be next on your list.
Thank you so much! I currently am otoing FRONTIER's pitches, it's still not alpha
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Pros: Consistent tone with varying emotions, eye-catching yet simple design
Cons: Lacks a completed oto
It's very rare for me to find a voicebank that I feel is as well rounded as this one. Gekimaru has the ability to have all these different singing styles to their voice, while still having that same boyish tone that makes him identifiable. The design, as well, is simple but very eye-catching (and in my personal opinion super cute). Really the only thing I feel I can be critical of is that the oto is a little odd, but even that is currently being worked on, so I can't complain too much.
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Reactions: williamdavillain
Thank you so much for reviewing Gekimaru, it makes me super happy to see people care about him
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