kasane teto

  1. Rubeeish

    【Kasane Teto & Yokune Ruko♀】Neck/首【UTAUカバー】

    ust by mimisan15 Just a cover for Teto's Birthday.
  2. nirow

    Delta CVVC English/Teto's English voicebank *reclist*?

    Hey there, i hope this is the right place for this post ~ So.. i was thinking about making a voicebank using the same reclist that was used for Teto's English vb. (I want to try Teto's English input helper plugin on my vb that's why) Does anyone know where to find it for download/is it available...
  3. Rubeeish

    【重音テト】 The Vampire/ヴァンパイア 【UTAU COVER】

    ust by ricecristpy quickly threw this together
  4. ApolloAugustus

    【Kasane Teto】i want a lobotomy【Original Song】

    warning for a bit of suicidal ideation; i made a short lil vent song lol
  5. Petitenoisette

    Kasane Teto Won't Sing

    I downloaded Kasane Teto following the steps, downloading UTAU first, including changing my locale to Japanese first and making sure the decimal was '.' and not ',' but the only sounds she's able to play are "あ、え、い、お、う” and I've tried typing with hiragana, katakana, romaji and different notes...
  6. Levin

    Kasane Teto - Pseudo-Hope Syndrome

    Made a UST for DECO*27's new song, I'm pretty proud of this cover! Credits are in the description!
  7. waffles8me

    WIP Fuyu no Hanashi (from Given) feat. Kasane Teto

    This is my first every time working in utau. I have no other prior experience expect for some music theory and piano knowledge. I'm really struggling with tuning. If anyone can give me some pointers, that would be awesome!! Especially with tuning. I manages to get through the first verse and...
  8. PlagueDoctor

    Alien, Alien (crusher-p remix)【Kasane Teto】

  9. PlagueDoctor

    Critique Requested Suki, Kirai (Ruko♀ x Teto)

    hello, i have gotten back into making UTAU covers after a year or so not doing any, i'm trying my best to make some again and I want to know where i can improve on tuning (i'm familar with mixing but if you personally want to critque it, go ahead i don't mind) but i want some advice after...
  10. S

    having a bit of trouble with teto's VCV whisper voicebank.

    hi there! i've been using the UTAU program for a few months now, and i pretty much know how everything works at this point. but i've been having this problem as of recent that's really been bugging me and it's hard to make certain covers because of teto's whisper voicebank not working properly...
  11. fadingfebruary

    Cloud Of Sparks (Original ft. Kasane Teto)

  12. Kazumimi

    【Kasane Teto】Dramaturgy 【UTAU Cover + MMD】【Kasane Teto 12th Anniversary】

    (Should I consider reuploading this since the audio somehow ended up being way off time?)
  13. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Bless your Breath ブレス・ユア・ブレス ft. Yamine Renri Cover

    I've already posted about this cover, but that was a prototype version, this is the finalized version that is uploaded to Youtube. I hope you all enjoy this!
  14. NegaiUta

    【UTAU COVER】Queen of Hearts【Kasane Teto】

    credits are in the video description i finally used teto after having her voicebanks downloaded for years :uhuhu: I had a good time making this, I hope it came out ok
  15. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Nice to meet you, Mr.Earthling はじめまして地球人さん ft. Kasane Teto

    Hello, back at it again with a new cover with Kasane Teto!! I was supposed to post this cover a year ago, but I was not confident in my tuning skills back then so I abandoned this project until now. Reason why I picked it up is because people were praising a same cover that showed no effort into...
  16. Ris

    9 UTAU - Water Blue New World

    I can't mix a few voices
  17. Haichou

    【UTAU Chorus】Show Me Your Everything【4 UTAU】+UST

    (Warning: this mix is far from perfect, and all four vocals are high-pitched screaming. It... might hurt your ears.) UST: www.dropbox.com/s/b08gpg3win4dk0x/ Credits: Original - Omoi feat. Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Kagamine Rin, IA - sm31389917 UST/very bad mix/tuning - me Honoka Elie (Miku) - Tenna...
  18. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Furan Furan Zombie【Namine Ritsu & Kasane Teto】

  19. BaseNumbers

    Critique Requested 【Kasane Teto】Distorted † Happiness【UTAU Cover】

    So this is the first UTAU cover I've done in years I can't believe it myself. [Critique Requested] I was editing mainly wearing one pair of headphones so when I uploaded it I realized it did sound different on my other devices. I don't know how much I screwed myself by this but I'd appreciate...
  20. gost

    Critique Requested 【Kasane Teto x Defoko】kiss【UTAU-SYNTH COVER】

    does anyone have advice on how to better mix, and how to make defoko sound more clear? for future ref ;) any other advice? thank you for listening! :love: