1. Eden

    How to use Moresampler (0.7.2) to oto + prefix map help

    I'm trying to use Moresampler 0.7.2 to make the for a tri-pitch CV romaji voicebank, and I just can't figure it out. I've been struggling with rewriting the otos, changing the aliases, and editing the prefix map all night and just can't get the bank to sing, or make any noise! My first...
  2. WretchedKalamity

    Your opinion of moresampler as an otoer?

    I think we're all happy about moresampler's oto creation, but how do you feel about it? Do you use it to make otos for your banks? Base otos? or do you stick to by hand? Why? I personally use it for otos and then clean up anything that sounds off. I have very low patience so it's a huge...
  3. Mougeki Mero

    Moresampler popping noise when using pitchbends above C6 notes

    Ay, I am having a problem with moresampler 0.7.1 (the 0.7.2 seems to only update the oto configurations?) where any note on and above C6 make a popping noise >< I have checked the .mrq, .frq and .llsm files and they seem to be all okay! I need help tho since the song I am covering needs those...
  4. Elystral

    Moresampler not aliasing right?

    So I'm having some issues with Moresampler's auto oto and alias It otos right but all the alias is in romanji which is useless as the voicebank is also encoded in romanji Every time I go to manually change the alias the hiragana just dissapears My PC local is set to Japan Help?
  5. kimchi-tan

    Critique my Growling, please!

    I would have added "tuning" into the title if half of the tuning didn't belong to CodyTailor (the ust maker). The "to" and "ha" at the end of the first chorus is meant to be crossfaded with a radio/telephone effect and the verse between the first and second chorus where everything is growly is...
  6. Miawerz


    (I already included this in the requested vb critique thread so I hope it's okay to put this here lol) so here's my cover with Yuuki, pretty much just playing around with moresampler's flags (rip headphone users I hope the scream sounds ok lel) also hope you like the weird vid I made which took...
  7. Miawerz

    【UTAU NEWCOMER】 Mahou 【Yuki】 (first ever finished cover made lol)

    (I already included this in the requested vb critique thread so I hope it's okay to put this here lol) so here's my first ever completed cover (along with the noob tuning/mixing lol) I accidentally finish otoing Yuki's vb before Yuuki's (thanks to that wonderful double-click feature that renames...
  8. OngakuCD

    Moresampler help

    Ok, so I have no idea what Im doing wrong to cause this resampler to not work, my computer is running on system 32. Here I have the moresampler folder saved in my sampler folder I use the 32 for both the tool and resampler This is what my cache looks like And this is what happens when I...
  9. keiran h

    Moresampler adding vibrato to every long notes

    I wish could post an example but sadly I can't The resampler is adding random vibrato to every long notes I deselected the vibrato but nothing ;-;
  10. na4a4a

    Moresampler Tips

    UPDATE: This resource is now redundant and no longer necessary. Please refer to the official Moresampler How-To-Use in the following link: Hello, this is my list of tips and tricks to get moresampler working, I'll...
  11. Lystrialle

    Moresampler by Kanru Hua 2015-10-12

    So Kanru Hua seems to have developed something called Moresampler, a combination resampler-wavtool, which bypasses the limitations on the current wavtool and uses its own special, adaptive sampling method to render samples. It requires a bit of fiddling to set up and still has some issues with...