1. Kevinp9568

    【UTAU French】Toi et Moi【Kevin Futarine STUDIO】

    Credit: Original: Paradis MIDI & UST: Kevip9568 Mix: Kevinp9568 Illustration: Melomad Video: Hibya UTAU: Kevin Futarine STUDIO
  2. xShadowxXIII

    【UTAU ENG CVVC】Your Reality 【Sashoune Yura】

    I uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing ENG CVVC. It uses a word-based reclist written by Sylveranty, which works similar to her German CVVC reclist! It's still in development and being tested a lot, but have a look at possible results lol
  3. Yoichi-Masaki

    Single Reclist Short VCCV english 2017-12-27

    This is a very short VCCV english recite list that I have come up with based on my VCVE style that I have been working on. It cuts down many of the notes to make a much shorter list. It is not plug-and-play able with the current VCCV but it may be a nice alternative for people who want to make...
  4. Ishibashi Keiko

    Ishibashi Keiko

    You can choose one of her voicebanks, from soft to solid, VCV and CVVC, monopitch or multipitch
  5. Mougeki Mero

    Tips on how to use CVVC English?

    Well, I discovered CVVC English is quite hard to input lyrics. Im trying to use it but I really need advice on the lenght of the VCs, they seem to...delay the next note (a CV)...For the VCs I'm basically using a lenght 40, making it lenght 20 mute the conconant. SO, should (and how should I?) I...
  6. Kevinp9568

    【BTS French cover】DNA【Kevin Futarine STUDIO CVVC+】

  7. InochiPM

    The Mackne Family needs Voice Providers!

    Hello there! its been quite a long time since I posted on here about anything, and this time its about needing help. Yes were looking for female voice providers to voice 5 of our UTAU. These five lovely ladies need some voices because we are short handed with irl friends who can voice these...
  8. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Chinese design + Demos!

    Aaaand here is her official Chinese design~! I hope she can show some elegance and cuteness! Also 2 demos have been produced using her beta CVVC Chinese voice! Do check them out and don't forget to subscribe! YT: Demo 1: Demo 2: BiliBili: Demo 1: Demo...
  9. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko CVVChinese Demo #1

    Yuzuko's Chinese Voicebank demonstration is up and I highly check the description for clarification~! ^^
  10. FiftiesYoungin

    Fluffy Little Cat

    Art, voicer and oto : FiftiesYoungin
  11. Kisamawa Iwa

    Kisamawa Iwa

    Friendly Girl who love yaoi so much , But she try to be normal when she be with other male or in public . She hate to see couple do sweet thing together.(except if they were gay couple) She love to talk to other fujoushi.
  12. Roj


    A boy who get cursed to be come a monster(that what he called him self). He's really nice and friendly
  13. Yuri Tamaki

    Yuri Tamaki

    Hair color - pink (#ee4e8e) Eye color - gold (#f5b445) Reference sheets - click here! Yuri (百合) = lily Tamaki (環) = ring, circle (e.g. of friends) This personality doesn't have to be followed! Please feel free to have your own interpretation! Yuri tends to be shy around people she doesn't...
  14. Sync_Ye

    UTAU Key Medley! [OPEN]

    I'm planning to do a medley of the KEY with Utau (plural) to test for a VST and the dynamic refining of the vocal at the time of mixing (or is not applied along the UST) but I don't want to be looking for Utau (plural) by the ai (even because that to me would take a long time) so who want to...
  15. Yozane

    pianissimo【ヨザネイーモ CVVC WHISPER】 8th Anniversery cover

    It's Iimo's 8th anniversary!! So to celebrate I wanted to make a cover with her updated whisper bank. HoneyPai updated the OTO and Ario cleaned the samples and tuned the UST!! I also made the harmonies for this cover myself!! We worked super hard on this cover. *****PV HERE*****...
  16. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish Pika (CVVC) 1.0

    Nota Bene: This recording list is NOT compatible with DeepVocal software. This list works in UTAU ONLY! ========= Reclist name is "Pika" meaning "express" in English. This Finnish CVVC is Arpasing inspired and made to be as lightweight and fast to record as possible. File includes: readme...
  17. Kitcat190

    【UTAU Anniversary/Timeline】2013-2017 【AL!CE/AL!CE.16】

    HELLO FRIENDS, I TRIED HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AL!CE!!! I FINALLY DID SOMETHING View her at her site!: Background Music: OVER ft. Miku ___________________________________ HoneyPai (Nikki): YouTube: DeviantArt...
  18. Askon


    Askon is a young dark elf or Drow who lives within the woods of Falkreath Hold region in the world of Skyrim. He lives with his mother, father, and his older sister, his life is pretty normal for a Drow, he spends his days helping his parents around and playing with his friend's in the forest...
  19. delphic


    PLEASE, CHECK THIS LINK FOR A BETTER QUALITY. I HAD TO RUIN THE TRACK QUALITY ON SOUNDCLOUD DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES. - - - Finally I can post this cover! I've done this cover weeks ago and...
  20. Sors

    Matsuo Sora Voicebanks

    This thread is to focus on all updates, past and future of my UTAU Matsuo Sora. April 2017: First Major Update; Matsuo Sora Hirogaru. Multi-Expressional Multipitch Voicebank (Dark G#2, Soft F3, Power C#4 and F4). Download link in description. May 2017: Recording Update: Matsuo Sora English...