oto commissions

  1. Sync_Ye

    Closed Free Oto Commission

    I'm wanting to improve my skills in the oto, without being the method of VCV, so I'm accepting two voice banks in methods: CV, CVVC (japanese) and VCCV (Spanish). CV: 1 pitch - Japanese [Normal or Prizma] CVVC: 1 pitch - japanese VCCV: 1 Pitch Spanish (I'm not accepting voice banks in English...
  2. FeatheredFinch

    OTO VCCV English Oto for Art, Mixing or Japanese Oto

    I am very confused and I would love to trade professional mixing, Japanese oto or even art! if you oto my English VCCV, I've been a user since 2010 and I want to make a comeback but I really can't get ahold on the VCCV oto and it'd mean the world to me if someone could trade with me Example of...
  3. HoneyPai

    Inactive Offering PayPal Points Mixing OTO PV COMMISSIONS

    Name your price otos are still open! I will now be accepting UTAU PV Commissions, unfortunately these are not pay what you want. ________________________________________________________________________ ||I am still unable to draw much, therefore these will require you to provide your own PV...
  4. tetodash

    Will Draw for OTO

    Hey so I am making a new voice bank but I will need to have someone oto it since I have no idea how. The voice bank is not yet done and probably won't be done until next week some time but I'll will be working on it all of Saturday and a bit tonight if I can. When that all done I'll need someone...
  5. dilleniidae

    Inactive PayPal OTO CV and CVVC OTO Commissions

    Hello everyone! I'm in need of some money, so I thought why not open some Oto commissions? TERMS I have the right to refuse a voicebank. This is for Japanese voicebanks only. I live a somewhat hectic college life, so please give me at most 24 hours time to respond to you. You MUST credit me...
  6. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Inactive PayPal Mixing OTO Other Oto, Audio Mixing, PV creation, and Installer creation

    To cut to the chase, I am in need of some money and it seems that many people are in need of a service I can provide. I'll be offering the following: Otoing: CV (JP): $2 CVVC (JP): $4 CVVC (KO): $6 CVVC (CH): $7 VCV (JP): $8 CVVC/VCCV (ENG, SPN, other languages): $10 Full Package: $15 (This is...
  7. delphic

    Inactive Points OTO CV oto.ini commissions for ONLY 50 dA POINTS!

    Hello! ^w^ Some time ago I've opened a Commission Widget on deviantART for CV oto.ini. Since this is a forum for UTAU lovers I wanted to share my commissions there! To request a commission just send me a note to me on deviantART ( http://utaumakiko.deviantart.com/ ) with your voicebank (in a...
  8. ryanlanuza18

    Inactive PayPal Points Mixing OTO Otoing and Mixing Commission

    (09/23/15 ) EDIT2: I ALREADY OTO-ED 420+ VOICEBANKS! (JP, EN, ES/PH) (tbh i lost count because i'm lazy counting them all XD) EDIT: THIS WON'T CLOSE UNTIL NEXT YEAR! EDIT: NOW ACCEPTS CZ's NEW ENGLISH VCCV RECLIST! EDIT: for the VCVs, the prices wont change whether its full, lite or with...
  9. ★M3ROKA★

    Inactive Offering PayPal Points Art OTO ✧ ARTWORK & OTO Commissions ✧

    Hello Everyone~ I'm MEROKA★ I used to go by the name of Yanyu; but I wanted to leave that name behind and develop as an artist under a new name. Feel free to still refer to me as 'Yan' however I would like to be credited for my artwork and other works as m3roka~<3 Please note: I'm using an old...

    Inactive Points Art Mixing OTO A whole bunch of commissions :D

    I decided to open up commissions on deviantart: http://scarychewinggum.deviantart.com/journal/UTAU-COMMISSION-THINGS-543598456 I'm only trading in DA points, with a few exceptions that are put at the bottom of the link. I will do: CV + VCV otos Headshot art (Like an icon) Mixing and Covers...
  11. Nyehko

    Inactive OTO I feel like OTO'ing

    Free oto'ing for whoever wants it! I can only really do CV banks right now. I'll accept three banks at a time because I have a life too. (No I don't) 1) 2) 3)
  12. Zurui

    Inactive PayPal Points OTO Will OTO Voicebanks For Affordable Prices!

    I could give you this big, heartfelt story as to why I need money, but then I'd be lying. I need money so that I can get some better quality recording equipment and some art supplies. So, why not take some OTO requests? I take all commissions in the form of money through my PayPal account...