• Western Name:
    Yuri Tamaki
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    yoo-ree tah-mah-kee
    Release Date:
    September 1, 2016 (anniversary: September 12)
    5'1" ft/155 cm
    88 lbs/40 kg
    screaming, peace, painting, stargazing, video games, nature
    fighting, being alone, blood, extreme temperatures
    Hair color - pink (#ee4e8e)
    Eye color - gold (#f5b445)

    Yuri (百合) = lily
    Tamaki (環) = ring, circle (e.g. of friends)

    This personality doesn't have to be followed!
    Please feel free to have your own interpretation!

    Yuri tends to be shy around people she doesn't know, but she doesn't like that and is trying to be more outgoing. She wants to be friends with everyone and wishes to fit in. She's impulsive, selfless, and easily confused, but she tries to think things through anyway. These three traits have gotten her into trouble more than once.

    One of her hobbies is listing other people's likes, dislikes, and other things she might pick up on in a journal. As a result, she knows a lot about people she's been around for a while and is always ready to listen to someone. Yuri says it helps her out when she's giving gifts to others, and it's not meant to be creepy. Whether that's true or not is a mystery.
  • UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    File Encoding:
    Romanized Filenames
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    • English
    Core Japanese:
    - Current version: 1.4
    - 3 pitches (F3, A#3, D#4)
    - prefix.map pre-configured (A#3 begins at D#4, D#4 begins at C5)
    - VCV + CV aliases
    - Contains "Engrish," vocal fry, glottal stop, and end breath files


    An additional cover can be found here.
    -Stardust- Append:
    - Current version: 1.0
    - 3 pitches (C4, F4, A4)
    - prefix.map pre-configured (F4 begins at F4, A4 begins at D#5)
    - VCV aliases only
    - Contains "Engrish," vocal fry, glottal stop, and end breath files


    Two additional covers can be found here and here.
    Core English:
    - Current version: 1.0
    - 3 pitches (G3, C4, F4)
    - prefix.map pre-configured (C4 begins at D4, F4 begins at C5)
    - VCCV only (may receive an Arpasing version in the future)
    - Contains vocal fry, glottal stop, and end breath files


    An additional cover can be found here.
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    - oto.ini/frq edits
    - gore
    - religious content
    - roleplaying, cosplaying, doujin

    Ask first:
    - redistribution of edits
    - explicit R-18 content
    - derivatives (e.g. genderbends)
    - commercial use

    Not allowed:
    - redistribution of voicebanks
    - political content
    - hateful/offensive content
    - claiming the voicebank/character as your own

    This can also be found on her website's download page!

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