1. gemiborn

    i cant find a romaji yokune ruko vb download :(

    alright i just made this account so im sorry in advance if im doing anything wrong or posting this in the wrong place and all i desperately need help finding a romaji ruko vb download lol. im very new to utau as a whole so i dont know of any websites specifically for utau or with big utau...
  2. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【UTAU RELEASE】Jupita Zi Wan - Crazy Frog 【Instrumental UTAU】

    After many revisions, finally I can release my Motorcycle voicebank. Feel free experimenting on him and thank you to those who suggest me about his outfit, you really help me alot. hope you like his voice...
  3. HotGrenade

    Guide to Suffix and Prefix editing?

    Anyone know a guide to suffix and prefix editing? I've been searching the web and haven't found anything unfortunately. (Found out that Mawarine Shuu's strange metallic sound had something to do with his Suffix's, but unfortunately im lost as to what to do)
  4. Endo Hikizanne

    Endo Hikizanne

  5. N

    Utau Voicebank not giving sound

    I'm aware that there are a lot of threads already from people who can't figure out why the voicebanks their using aren't singing but I can't find one with my specific problem. I recently downloaded UTAU and my PC is set up with a Japanese Local. I downloaded a couple of voicebanks and USTs but...
  6. O

    Where can I get Makune Ichiro's voicebank?

    I know him is already discontinued but I would really appreciate it if someone could pass me his voicebank :'(
  7. Mars


    A 17 year old girl who goes by the stage name Mars, real name Han Yuqi(韩羽檄)she currently lives with the rest of the musical group, Planetary Motion. She can come off kind of bratty at times, and never learned to have an inside voice. Really, she's just trying to make sure she looks cool to the...
  8. TrikiNya

    English/Japanese Voicebank and custom sounds

    I was wondering if I could make an English/Japanese voicebank that has English and Japanese audio data in the same folder. I was also wondering if I could put custom sounds like whistling, breaths, etc. Will that mess up the voicebank?
  9. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    What are the most complete and intuitive Reclists that you would recommend ?

    Hi, I'm Pikachuk, I'm currently working on the voicebank creation and management software and this is why I'd need some suggestions from the community. I am currently searching the most complete and intuitive reclists that could be used as the standard system for the software. The most...
  10. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    I thought about creating something, I'd like some feedback

    I noticed a kind of issue that I never really found a fix to in the UTAU community voicebanks wise. The kind of big lack of standards. I'll explain what I mean. There's a huge amount of ways to do voicebanks, to share them, to update them etc, and it's good, however, it makes all of it...
  11. Lycandeer

    How to now have really harsh S's?

    Alright, so, I made my first VB. I got it OTO'd by someone (might get that re-done) and I've gotten 3 songs so far. One crappy duet by myself, and two covers I paid someone to make using my voice bank. BUT, the S pronunciations are really sharp.. I'm considering re-recording all the S CV...
  12. Hana Yoshida

    Hana Yoshida

    Hana is a special creature from an unknown place. She was brought to Japan by a strange scientist who gave her her current android body 400 years ago (Human Age 19). She spends her time fighting and singing alongside her new family in Kagoshima.
  13. delphic

    Do you do any audio post-processing for your samples?

    Hey, I begin with saying that I don't know if I selected the right category for this type of question, if not I apologize! I'm making a big Japanese VCV voicebank and I'd like to provide the best quality possible to it with the tools I have. Usually, the only edit I do on my samples is just a...
  14. Nohara/Tajiri Max

    Tajiri Kear FROM.THE.HEART (VB MultiExpression Release!)

    Hi everyone! Finally! After too much time I can release the MultiExpression VB of my UTAU! :'D I create me this account for share with you the new VB of my UTAU, I put a lot of love on them and in the art <3 All credits and the link for the Voicebank stay in the video, I hope you like it! :D
  15. Andoryu Akai Official

    Andoryu Akai Official

    Andoryu is just your everyday kid who lives an average life of memology and destroying libtards. Praise kek. (changed original profile because it sounds hella edgy)
  16. vocaluffy

    IM NEW TO UTAU!!! i need help with the oto

    i made my own voice bank, and im done with editing the oto, but i tried to apply it to an ust, and it sounds VERY choppy. i think the oto needs some work.... but i dont understand the system of the oto completely! i think i did everything right, but it still sounds bad! would someone help me...
  17. Andoryu Akai

    Andoryu Akai

    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpv008BniRD/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Andoryu is a lonely kid without many friends. He gets along with many people, but he considers them acquaintances. He is a nerd and at the top of his class. He has no sexual orientation and he dislikes anything that...
  18. Ivy!

    How do you add multiple pitches to a CV voicebank?

    Is it possible to do and have both kana and romaji aliasing? I want to have two for my Utau but I'm not sure how that would work in terms of aliasing and picking which one gets used. I've seen it done in VCV but I'm not sure about CV. Could someone explain it to me? (This might sound vague, if...
  19. Jin Kujjo

    voice bank samples not playing?

    I've tried looking around to see if anyone else had this problem but I kept getting other threads so! Basically my samples(when you click the circles to hear the .wav) in voice configurations won't play for some of the UTAUS I have downloaded, and my own. I figured maybe it has to do with...
  20. Augustus