1. T

    Ted Kasane voicebank?

    I've been searching for his voicebank but I can't find it. I found a link but it doesn't seem to load. Does anyone have a download to it? Thanks!
  2. Maxii_1

    My own UTAU sounds awfully robotic...

    Hey there! :D I've seen many "robotic UTAU" threads but none of them sounds as robotic as mine. So, I'd like to know if somebody can help me specially since I tried playing around with Modulation, Flags, STP & Overlap (I cleared them after), the Pitch, Mode2, Consonants Speed and some other...
  3. Sweet Candie

    Sweet Candie

    甘いキャンディ AKA SWeet CANDie is .a very kawaii utau who wants every1 to use her! she is not pitched up at all! all natural recorded by me! hehe! x3! anyways if u dont use her she will be vewwy mad! x3 hehe! (parody vb, download link isn't real)
  4. D.sue


  5. Han Duq

    【服歌ラク / Fukuga Raku】7150日 / 7150 Days【UTAUカバー】

    I make new voicebank... It's still WIP... Please tell me what do you think... Check it here : - YT : https://youtu.be/BfvmipClc00 - SC :
  6. H

    Inactive PayPal Art UTAU Character Commissions!

    Hi!! I used to use UTAU and this website a lot but I've grown away from it, but I thought I'd come back to draw some of your UTAU characters if interested :-) Rules: - I will NOT draw furries/animals. Sorry. - Female designs only (i'm not confident in drawing guys so I dont feel comfortable...
  7. Honoka Kazuya

    Honoka Kazuya

    HONOKA KAZUYA - Age: 13 Character item: her Glasses. Likes: reading, sitting alone and meditating. Dislikes: Liars, whining people and Spinach. Tagline : ''It's not bad to dream, But you also have to consider what's realistic.'' Nationality: Dutch. Favourite colour: pink lenght: 1 meter and...
  8. Chen.k0


    CHEN is very soft spoken, and enjoys singing a solo here and there. Original and alternate designs:
  9. Suzaki Kazuki

    Suzaki Kazuki

  10. C

    .wav files not in Japanese?

    Hi! as you can see here, Defoko's file names are not what they should be! In the folder, they make the right sound when I click on them, but in UTAU nothing works! I've already tried setting my locale to Japan and reinstalling, installing a Japanese keyboard and installing other voicebanks...
  11. CHIKAKO vivi


    Hello guys I recently made my first voicebank woohoo!! :uhuhu: you send send me feed back or constructive criticism on it cause I want to improve it but I don't know were to start. Here are some songs I made with it, including the VB download VB...
  12. Lolitau

    UTAU Idol Project sign up!

    So, guys. Sorry I haven't been active on here lately! :cry: I recently decided to make a UTAU Idol project where you can basically make your own UTAU, and it will be part of the idol project officially. There is a sign up forum below that you can use! (P.S, I'd prefer if you made a new one, but...
  13. Rice Life

    What is a good CV voicebank utau to use that has a deep or higher not medium pitch voice?

    although i'm still kind of noobish i'm no pro obviously, but looking at the voicebanks i current use,. they all sound similar,.. i haven't really downloaded many voicebanks the only voicebanks i download is Azure miki, ari soyo...idk.. and teto of course, (but it's complicated the files got...
  14. amairina.chan

    【UTAUカバー】神様のいうとおり【SEVEN ~ambassador~】

    hello! i finally made a multipitch for my baby seven and i need your opinion!! i really hope you like it, because i need some motivation to continue this project please like and share if you like her voice, so more people can check her out! thanks~
  15. Han Duq

    【光音レン / Mitsuto Ren】誰も知らないハッピーエンド【UTAUカバー】【VB DEMO】

    Hello, I make my first VB, tell me how do yo think if you don't mind... Thank you ^_^ YT : SC :
  16. M

    Open Offering Mixing Music | I'll Use Your UTAU | UTAU Raffle | Free

    SOOOO I came up with this hopefully original idea, let's do an UTAU Raffle. What is it? Let me explain. To enter a raffle you do a certain thing (mostly reshare stuff or follow someone, but this can be different at times) and finally out of all people, a few will be chosen randomly by the...
  17. M

    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.
  18. Kyūketsu Rei

    Kyūketsu Rei

    Rei is a lazy and apathetic vampire turned in the late 1800s. She spends months at a time asleep in her castle, only waking up when hungry. When she gets a taste for blood she becomes cruel, hyperactive, and playful.
  19. Anna Lee Farron (annaloid)

    Anna Lee Farron (annaloid)

    Anna grew up nervous. She was never sure if anyone would acknowledge her or recognize any of her talents. At least, anyone outside of her parents. In her case, her talent of singing. She started off with a fair voice but took the time to learn as time went on. When she first discovered YouTube...
  20. Shirayuna

    FRQ File Problem

    Hey! ^-^ I made my first voicebank today. I just wanted to sing my Utau until I read that i haved to make all the samples into FRQ files. So I went to this voicebank settings, went to the first sample and clicked Initialize Freq. map. Then came a call where it says: Regenerate frequency map of...